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[GUIDE] - How to watch 3D videos [H-SBS/H-TAB] with SUBTITLES using Plex Media Server

Whatever you intend to stream to make sure that it can support .ASS subtitle format and it is a 3D ready device. I have tested this using Plex Media Server and Chromecast and it works great.


The Requirements


- 3D ready device

- Plex Media Server - plex.tv

- Aspect Ratio - imdb.com or blu-ray.com

- The 3D video file that is either Half Side-By-Side or Half Top-And-Bottom

- The .SRT file you want to convert. If it is something other than .SRT use Subtitle Workshop to convert it.

- Subtitle Workshop - urusoft.net

- srt23Dass - http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=47904


The Magic


- First load your 3D video file and your .SRT using the Plex web player or any other third party players. Make sure that the .SRT file is in sync with the 3D video file and check if there are any stuck subtitles on the screen. Most common errors is when the author is trying to point to his own website. If there are any mistakes use Subtitle Workshop and remove that line or find another .SRT file that works.

- After you have cleaned up your .SRT file you need to download and start srt23Dass.

- Start up srt23Dass and the first thing you are asked is to pick an .SRT file. Load up your .SRT and then you will have some settings to edit.

- Next you need to select Half Side-By-Side or Half Top-And-Bottom depending on your 3D video file.

- Now you will need the aspect ration and you can find this by using either one of those websites. I suggest checking on both. Once you have found your aspect ratio select it from one of the templates if available. You could also create your own if you want to.

- Next you can select the font, colour, font outline and size. These are up to your preference.

- If you have selected one of the ratios from the templates available I recommend leaving subtitle alignment and bottom margin as they are. You only edit those if you want to customise the whole thing by yourself.

- Last you can change the 3D depth as you wish.

- Now you can convert. Once you have done that you will have an .ASS file in the same place your .SRT is located. It is usually called #.3D.ASS. Do not attempt to edit the .ASS file after you have converted it because it will mess the whole file completely. If you want to make any sort of changes do it before you convert it.

- Load the 3D video file and the new .ASS subtitle into the Plex web player and check to see if it works. Now you should have 

- Now you should be able to play 3D video files with subtitles on devices that are 3D ready and support the .ASS subtitle format.

- Final thing is to adjust 3D depth on your device.


Enjoy your watch! Let me know if this works for you.


  • FullmaktFullmakt Members, Plex Pass Posts: 45 Plex Pass

    Waaat...million bumbs, make this a plugin that detects 3d files and converts .srt automatically to .ass :D

  • ddivitaddivita Members Posts: 8 ✭✭

    While this seems to work, the PLEX player does not display the proper aspect ratio. The video looks like it shrinks and there are bars on the left and right side.

  • Patrick1610Patrick1610 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 46 Plex Pass

    Great guide! Do you also know a solution when the subtitles are inside the .mkv file?

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