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Feedback and Suggestions: Plex Black Edition



  • orbtwin-plexorbtwin-plex Posts: 214Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    It's possible to see "logo.png" in poster view for movies and shows?
    It's possible to see "clearlogo.png" & disc.png" spinning in paused media item?: F6
    And a dedicated "view" for collections.
    And a thumb for actors en pre-play screen.

    in short: a bit of candy for logo, clearart and disc


    Maybe offtopic...how can i REW or FFWD a song?...

  • Luke BLuke B Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Thank you for taking the time and effort in creating a fantastic skin.

    Is it possible to make the home menu static? When you go to on deck, that it doesn't hide the home menu.

  • DeclanDeclan Posts: 54Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Nice work, just updated to this theme after using a fork that no longer works in 1.7.1
    I like how it has come a long, it has nearly everything the fork I was using had.

    Is there some way to hide the progress dots? Unwatched is my default filter, so I don't need these unwatched dots, it would be nice to hide them. Maybe I missed it somewhere in the settings.

  • chrisgruggenchrisgruggen Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    TV Shows with only one season - Is it possible to go right to the episodes page and skip season selection?

  • ViolettoVioletto Posts: 21Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Thank you for this wonderful skin! I love it!

    I have one suggestion for the displaying of titles.

    In movie section I prefer the „Low List“ view type. Unfortunately (depending on the shown background image) the title sometimes is very hard to read, because the background is not dimmed for the title area.

    I think the intension is to show as much as possible from the background image (like it too), but if the title is not readable, then this intention is going too far.
    Same behavior is shown in „Now Playing“ for music and movies.

    This examples are not the worst. So I would like to have an option to dim the backround also for the title area. Is this possible?

    Additionally, when the title is very long in "Now Playing", it is going into the section for upcomeing titles.

    Not a real bug, but I think the list of upcoming titles should be a bit shorter to avoid confrontation with long titles.

    Thanks in advance for your efforts!

  • HacknoHackno Posts: 1Members

    Hello devs, great work you're doing here!!

    Is it possible to remove the option "All Episodes" in the TV shows -> Season menu when multiple seasons are available?

  • TheLastShadowTheLastShadow Posts: 1Members

    It would be great to have a per category plexignore. I have all my files into a singler folders and sometimes, plex get confused.

    For exemple, the content of .plexignore could be :

  • GeetsPlexGeetsPlex Posts: 126Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I am having a bug with my On Deck. it only happens when I am clicking up to a library option, the issue is there is a background layer with slight opacity that overlays over the bottom part of the on deck display.

    What I have done to try to solve this is completely delete the preferences folder in systems (Mac OX) completely deleted the OpenPlex app (it did this in PHT also), completely deleted the plex black edition skin and added it fresh. Same issue.

    Anyone else had this issue or have a suggestion for me to solve it?

    My settings:


  • imed2015imed2015 Posts: 17Members ✭✭
    edited January 2017

    Hello everyone,

    first: thanks for this great skin. I love it.
    second: would it be possible to hide the "Skin Settings" menu in the main submenu?
    I would like to hide everything in there, except for settings which I can lock with a password.
    Reason being is that the system is going to be used by older, technologically 'unsafe' people and I don't like them to mess with any settings ;)
    I think it is possible to hide that menu entry directly in the raw xml files somewhere, I've done it before. But I'd much prefer to have an official setting for that as I don't want to break anything.


    Btw, hiding that menu manually is pretty easy:
    Just open this file: %appdata%\OpenPHT\addons\skin.plex_black_editionHT\720p\IncludesGlobals.xml and in there, edit the following line as shown here (set visible property to 0):


    2.jpg 233.4K
    3.PNG 71.9K
  • nielsvdpnielsvdp Posts: 65Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Not sure if this was already asked, tried to search and found nothing.

    Can you bring back the Control Precaching button ? I switch skins to do the pre caching once in a while.

    Also, can the pre caching be done on a timely manner (like a scheduled task)?

  • cliffordg528cliffordg528 Posts: 1Members Plex Pass

    How about a "best connection" auto-adjustment option for remote connection playback.

  • eddydu44eddydu44 Posts: 1Members

    I suggest Plex to split the stream into little files like Google do it with Youtube. It prioritize the download and prevent lags or bufferings.

  • DeadEyeFlintDeadEyeFlint Posts: 308Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @eddydu44 said:
    I suggest Plex to split the stream into little files like Google do it with Youtube. It prioritize the download and prevent lags or bufferings.

    wrong forum...

  • ccoolukeccooluke Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    So I really can't find this answered anywhere. Not can I find the individual file myself.
    So... Where is the "Plex Black Edition" splash image located?
    I know how to find and change openPHT splash image. But after that splash screen is a Plex Black Edition Splash screen for a split second. I want that one changed or removed.

  • ncohafmutancohafmuta Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    First, just started using this skin recently, i'm really liking it, so thanks!

    Second, couple suggestions..
    1. Be able to sort tv/movies by User Rating (like Critic Rating)
    2. Be able to add User Rating onto the poster (instead of Critic Rating)
    3. Not sure this is possible in the skin but can there be a keyboard shortcut to quit the app?


  • kutsokutso Posts: 1Members

    Thanks for a great product!

    I want to make a suggestion regarding the phone app. I have an iPhone, but I guess this would be a good feature for all phone apps.

    It would be great if you could pause and play during locked screen, like you can do on for example Youtube's app on iOS. This comes in handy when you are using for example Chromecast, because you don't need to unlock the phone every time you want to pause or play.

  • michaelantunesmichaelantunes Posts: 1Members

    Hi.. Absolutely love this skin. Maybe a bit of an edge case here, but I have a library of _music videos _that all have wide/horizontal posters. How would I go about modifying/adding a view (such as the 'posters' view) to have the correct aspect ratio for the images? Thanks. :smile:

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