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Serenity for Android 1.8.1

kingargylekingargyle Posts: 568Members ✭✭
edited August 2014 in Serenity for Android

I haven't posted about 1.8.1 here until now, as it was still going through lots of changes, but the latest development version is ready for wider testing.




What's New:


  • Android TV Recommendations - Recommendations come from plex's OnDeck for both Movies and TV Shows.  Recommendations are prioritized by how much time is left to be watched.  So the ones that are almost complete will be listed before for the ones that have not been started yet.
  • For devices that have the offical youtube app from google and google play services installed.  Movie Trailers search time from YouTube has been significantly improved.  You should see a noticeable improvement in fetching the trailer ids from Youtube and populating on the screen.   This currently does not work on ADT-1 devices as the necessary play service api isn't available there.
  • Upgraded to Google Analytics v4.
  • Inclusion of the Android TV Leanback library for future integration.
  • Settings can now be accessed from the Main Menu's navigation drawer.
  • Various Bug and Performance fixes.
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