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extras container: ERROR: Control 3 in window 10090 has been asked to focus, but it can't

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<window id="10090">
    <onload condition="Window.Previous(home)">Skin.SetString(preplay_helper,home)</onload>
    <onload condition="Window.Previous(videolibrary)">Skin.SetString(preplay_helper,videolibrary)</onload>
    <onload condition="Window.Previous(51)">Skin.SetString(preplay_helper,51)</onload>
    <onload condition="Window.Previous(99)">Skin.SetString(preplay_helper,99)</onload>
    <onload condition="Container.PlexContent(Movie) + Skin.HasSetting(AutoShowExtras)">SetFocus(3)</onload>

 everytime movie preplay is loaded for first time it cant focus,after that fine wherever you go apart from other preplay views for episode/clip. then same error occurs on first run of movie preplay then all fine .

unless im missing a control or focus window???


if i put condition !IsEmpty(ListItem.Property(PlexExtras)) then this is always empty on preplay

, looking like container isnt ready, anyway to hack this or another event i can wait for when populated?

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