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Empty music genre folders and Agents

NewfangleNewfangle Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I have just switched over my music files to using my own tags from my MP4 files. Took about 30 hours to re-index my music which I can now see on my TV. I also have my genre folders as i designed in iTunes but they are empty. The music turns up in every other folder (artists, album, decade, year, etc) but not a single track in the genres folder.


Part 2 is that all my agents are gone. I deleted the framework and system bundles but they have not returned despite turning plex on and off a few times.


Any thoughts - thx 


  • Mountainw0lfMountainw0lf Posts: 2Members

    I have the same issue. My genre folder is empty, which is pretty annoying considering I edited each artist's genre myself. Got sick of having hundreds of genres/sub genres. It was getting ridiculous. Can't seem to find an answer anywhere. Got a feeling I'm overlooking something simple. If only I knew what!

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