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Play videos from PMS on own site



For my internship I'm making a YouTube like system for providing internal videos to the employees,

for that we needed a streaming service, first I was using serviio, but they lack a lot of documentation / community to get everything working.


So we swithced to PMS, this is working, but I have multiple input formats (avi, mp4, wmv, ...) and I need to play them on FF, Chrome and IE9.

FF & Chrome are no problem but IE9 is giving me a lot of problems.


I tried using flowplayer, jsplayer, video.js, Jplayer, and the list continues.

So I'm thinking that there is something I'm doing wrong.


So I use the following stream url:


And i use it like this:

<video poster="http://ws33177.sidmar.be:32400/library/metadata/1/thumb/1427371733">
   <source type="application/x-mpegurl" src="http://ip:port/video/:/transcode/universal/start?path=http://ip:port/library/metadata/1&amp;fastSeek=1&amp;X-Plex-Platform=Internet+Explorer&amp;offset=0" />
   <source type="video/flash" src="http://ip:port/video/:/transcode/universal/start?path=http://ip:port/library/metadata/1&amp;fastSeek=1&amp;X-Plex-Platform=Internet+Explorer&amp;offset=0" />
   <source type="video/mp4" src="http://ip:port/video/:/transcode/universal/start?path=http://ip:port/library/metadata/1&amp;fastSeek=1&amp;X-Plex-Platform=Internet+Explorer&amp;offset=0" />

shouldn't this be working?
Or is there a setting that I'm forgetting / a vidoe player that just works? 



  • SafinnSafinn Posts: 8Members ✭✭

    Hi, did you ever get this working? I'm having the same issue using Video.js. The url I'm using plays fine in VLC network stream but can't seem to get it to play using Video.js and videojs-contrib-hls.

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