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Reporting a Linux bug? Read first!

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To try and standardise to make tracking and responding about bugs easier, here is a first draft at setting some guidelines on how to post Linux bugs.

Topic creation:
When creating a topic, please prefix it in square brackets showing if it's a guide or the OS distribution and version as best as possible. For example, if you're reporting a bug on Ubuntu 14.04, then prefix your topic with:

[Ubuntu 14.04]: This is my issue on Plex Media Server.

If it's a guide, prefix it:

[Guide]: This is a guide for doing this in 5m.

This will help community users and developers to easily key on what type of Linux platform or application the problem is on.

Inside the topic post please include what Plex Media Server version you are having issues on, for example:

I am having and issue with Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 14.04 where this issue is happening.

If it's a new issue that didn't happen before you upgraded please include the older version number of the server, for example:

I am having an issue on Plex Media Server this was not happening on Plex Media Server

Also when posting, it's always helpful to attach server logs (please don't paste them inline). Be sure to enable debug logging first before reproducing your issue. If you are unsure where logs live on your device/PC/server running Plex Media Server, the support site has information on locating the logs. Please include the "Plex Media Server.log", and if it's also a scanner related issue, include "Plex Media Scanner.log".

Post to an existing topic:
When posting to an existing topic, the same guidelines should apply. So, follow the Topic post guidelines above.

Topic creation:

  • Prefix topic with [Guide] or [OS Release Version]

Post creation:

  • Post with OS release and version
  • Post with Plex Media Server version (or versions, if it's a new bug that wasn't in the previous release)
  • Post the "Plex Media Server.log"
  • Post also the "Plex Media Scanner.log" if it's scanner related

Please remember, the more details you can provide, the easier it will be for community users and developers to identify and fix/help with issues.

Get you Plex guides here: Naming Guide, NAS Guide, NTFS on Linux Guide, Linux Permissions Guide, Logs & Library Maintenance Help, Plex Help Page.

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