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Plex for Xbox one .. Search

Is there a way to search on the xbox one plex app, I cant seem to find it.


  • rudeboy42rudeboy42 Posts: 2 Plex Pass

    Great question.  It seems everyone has this the same question but nobody can answer.

  • adamskoogadamskoog Posts: 2,249 Plex Ninja
    edited May 2015

    No, there currently is not. The app is still currently in active development and will have a ways to go before it reaches feature parity. The coming update will add music with the following adding photo libraries.

    If you bought Plex Pass specifically for use of the preview app, they are preview apps for a reason. Development is not done and the apps are not complete. Expecting them to be as such will only leave you disappointed. The Plex Pass gives you many things and testing the new apps is just a bonus. If you don't like assisting with testing software to make it better it's probably not something you'll want to do, especially if you are trying to use it as your primary device.

    Might want to check out the Xbox 360 forum as well.

  • The_DThe_D Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    i thing the search tool on Xbox One is still missing. Why not mapping the "Y" button to this function ? The "filter" feature would be also a welcome addition.

  • seefilmsseefilms Posts: 17 Plex Pass

    It's the middle of 2017, where in the gravy is the search function on this fairly worthless app?
    I call it fairly worthless because it has no search function which seems like the most obvious "feature".
    See how I did that thing with quotes?
    Because a search function is about as much of a "feature" as headlights or an accelerator are in a car.

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