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Can't see sync items when offline

calimochocalimocho Posts: 1 Plex Pass

I have four identical "Galaxy Tab7 2" tablets running Plex for Android


Plex server is


On all four I have sync'd various videos.  All four list the videos as expected in Settings -> Sync -> Status.


When I turn off Wifi and select the tablet itself in the drop-down box in the upper left near the hamburger menu, all four say something like "open the navigation menu on the left and select a library. 


On two of them, there are libraries listed on the navigation menu, and all sync'd videos are accessible in their respective libraries.  All fine.


On the other two, there is nothing but "Home" and "Settings" in the navigation menu.  But still, navigating to Settings -> Sync -> Status shows all the sync'd videos, sizes, status of "Synced" and the usage bar showing 5GB of PlexSync usage.  I can also find the videos with the android app MX Player (granted with nonsensical numerical names). 


Also on the latter two, if I go online and connect to the Plex Server, and filter the view of libraries by "Synced", the sync'd videos are shown.  (Obvisouly I want them while we're on the road and not connected to PMS, but just as a data point.)


I'm sure I've misconfigured something on the second two tablets, but I can't see what it is.


Any ideas?



  • kbk00kbk00 Posts: 15 Plex Pass

    I see this as well.

  • IanDBirdIanDBird Plex Employee Posts: 2,291 Plex Employee

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue... Could you do the following on one of the device where it fails:

    • Kick off Sync
    • Grab the device's logs, via Settings - Advanced - Privacy - Email device logs. If you email them to yourself, you can then attach here.

    Also, if you enable the setting on the same device to act as a "media server" can you actually see the synced content from a different device? And if so, can you navigate and play it?

    Thanks in advance

  • philaldisphilaldis Posts: 7 Plex Pass

    I am seeing literally exactly the same behaviour. Sync files work with an Internet connection, but don't actually consume bandwidth other than the initial communication with the server. But if in airplane mode, it refuses to show up any libraries for either local phone and doesn't show the synced server at all.

    This is a pretty fundamental flaw and clearly a number of people are experiencing this.


  • IanDBirdIanDBird Plex Employee Posts: 2,291 Plex Employee

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this... As requested in the post just before yours, could you please provide some additional information to help us identify the issue?

    Thanks in advance

  • philaldisphilaldis Posts: 7 Plex Pass

    What helps a log file? What sequence should I execute.

    Basically if the phone is on airplane mode it can't see the server and therefore is unable to show synced content. If it has network access it finds the server, shows the libraries and then if you play some music it doesn't then use network access, in fact once it has something selected you can put it into airplane mode and that album will still play just fine, but if you go back to home, it has now lost the server and you can't choose anything else.


  • IanDBirdIanDBird Plex Employee Posts: 2,291 Plex Employee

    Just to confirm, have you selected your "local device" from the drop down available in the top action bar? If you enter AirPlane mode and start the application, are you saying that this option isn't available? If so, can you grab a screenshot to show us exactly what's happening.

    Also, the log file after this happening would let us see what's happening. The log file will cover quite a long period, so it should have enough information for us.

    Thanks in advance

  • us@greenieandwei.netus@greenieandwei.net Posts: 30 Plex Pass

    Same issue for me.

  • us@greenieandwei.netus@greenieandwei.net Posts: 30 Plex Pass

    Attached are my logs.

  • le-palle-pal Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    Same problem. But on my part they display some synchronized video, but not all.

    It's a few disappointed for a paid verison...

  • dslevin629dslevin629 Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    This is a major problem, please fix.

  • jandrblythejandrblythe Posts: 7 Plex Pass

    i figured a long ass work around for this problem. I had to go and wipe my sd card, change the storage location to manual and created another folder on the sd card, then on the actual device i had to select what i wanted synced and it worked. I couldnt push stuff from the server i had to actual select want i wanted on the device which was a pain in the ass for individual music songs when you dont want entire albums. no idea why this started happening because i have used this device many many times before in airplane mode and had 0 issues. hope this helps

  • us@greenieandwei.netus@greenieandwei.net Posts: 30 Plex Pass

    I don't know how to change the storage location to manual

  • stephenm00stephenm00 Posts: 20 Plex Pass
    edited April 21

    This has been fixed

  • gearoidocathaingearoidocathain Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    Myself and my housemate are experiencing this issue also on a HTC One M8 (Android L 5.1.1) LG G3 (Android L 5.0). We both are running servers with the latest update (Version ) and the latest version of Plex for Android ( I used to be able to use Plex to Sync to my device before long journeys/flight and on my last 6 hour flight I was left staring at the in-flight magazines for the journey!

  • jgveldtjgveldt Posts: 6 Plex Pass
    edited August 2015

    I have the same issue after updating the app on my lg gpad 8.3. Content does sync to sd card storage, if I browse through the file explorer I am able to find the videos, but the app doesn't show any content available offline. However everything still works normally on my phone after updating app. I did try uninstalling and deleting everyth plex related file I could find on tablet and then reinstalling, do not solve the problem

  • us@greenieandwei.netus@greenieandwei.net Posts: 30 Plex Pass

    Same with jgveldt, I can see and play the file off the card, but it doesn't show up in Plex at all. I guess short term workaround is just play thru file commander but it would be nice if sync items showed up in the actual app.

  • freefly73freefly73 Posts: 13 Plex Pass

    I've the same issue as described in this thread on a nook hd, where the library for offline syned content does not show up but the content is actually on the device. Plex App is the latest (as of two weeks ago).

    I've three other devices (one a nook hd with cyanogen mod) where everthing is fine.

  • ProteuswaveProteuswave Posts: 4 Plex Pass

    I've got the same problem with my Note 4 running Lollipop 5.0.1. Videos say they synced and under the sync status show they there but can't see them in the side menu to play them within Plex :(.

    Tried changing from internal to external storage vice versa and tried other suggestions above but no luck.

  • aa6iyaa6iy Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    Exactly the same problem on a Kindle Fire HDX.
    Works fine on two other kindle Fire HD's and my Nexus 5.
    Very frustrating.

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