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This is horrible

lukerenlukeren Members, Plex Pass Posts: 42 Plex Pass

The old forums had a neutral look and were generally very awesome.
These new ones look like a unicorn threw up on a blank page....

The front page of the forums is just black on a lot of white, this kinda hurts the eyes to look at.
When you enter a catagory, it gets even worse with all these avatars flying around.

I know you're not gonna switch back, but I'm still gonna whine!

It's horrible.



  • sremicksremick Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1,149 Plex Pass

    I wouldn't have worded it as you did, but I do basically agree with you.

  • starbetrayerstarbetrayer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3,307 Plex Pass

    I agree also

  • slice-o-hetzelslice-o-hetzel Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    No complaints here

  • mutosanmutosan Members, Plex Pass Posts: 426 Plex Pass

    I liked the old forum also better. and there I could block users. Somewhat the new forum is also to childish for me. I like the navigation and the brightness of the new forum but I agree with the thread opener.

  • ChristoffeeChristoffee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 269 Plex Pass

    Change is not always bad. Sometimes it's not better, it's just different.

    My initial reaction was also horror! But now I'm used to it and don't think about the old one. Orange splodges for things I need to read, green splodge for answered.

    Also, tagging people is a good feature addition. And it's easier to mark and unmark topics with the stars.

    Maybe this is the way Plex is going. iOS app with the new white theme coming soon! PMS to follow! :))

  • ChristoffeeChristoffee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 269 Plex Pass

    And the mobile version is great.

  • ChristoffeeChristoffee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 269 Plex Pass
    edited July 2015

    The worst thing is @elan 's new avatar! Where's camera guy gone!

  • jayz78jayz78 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 100 Plex Pass

    Sadly I would also have to agree. I'm glad to see the forums back online but this new forum software is...well..atrocious!

    -The mobile theme is horrible. Why have avatars showing on a tiny screen taking up precious screen space? No mention of when the last post in a subsection forum was posted? No ability to go to the next page or last page from the top of the screen but have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the "next page" button? Insane.
    -huge amount of white empty space on a desktop
    -New forum looks and functions like an 8 year old made it compared to the wonderful old forums.
    -there are tones of things I don't like but I'm sure someone else will beat me to it with a comprehensive list.

    I can understand the difficulty the Plex team must have faced. When this new forum software provider offered to help it would have seemed like a god send. How do you bring back as quickly as possible the forums and still keep all the old posts that contained such a wealth of support info? It's a big dilemma. HOWEVER I hope these forums are a transient solution and you are looking at something else as frankly it will be very tragic if this becomes the permanent forum software and will undoubtedly hurt visitor numbers in the long term. Personally I'm finding I'm actively avoiding coming to the forums now as it's not a fun experience.

    Maybe you can do wonders with skinning to make it work and look like the old one although judging on how bad it currently is, it will be a mammoth task. I think working on patching the old forums would have been a better option.

    Good luck, I'm sure you're working hard on it and hopefully something better will come along soon.

  • PlexhilaratedPlexhilarated Plexperimentalist Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1,620 Plex Pass
    edited July 2015

    I've said before... the most difficult forum software to learn, is the second one.

    That said, I am having problems un-learning some of the things I used to do in the previous forum software. And I miss the ability to manage my own uploads (attachments, photos, logfiles, etc...) like we could in the old software.

    The O/P commented that it looked like a Unicorn threw-up on a blank page, and every time I see another animated avatar, we get closer to that being the truth.

    There were some things I didn't like about Plex when I first installed it, but those aren't so bad anymore either, so I'll give it time.

  • \0\0 Members Posts: 993 ✭✭

    Only been here 2 minutes and got a tan..

  • Elijah_BaleyElijah_Baley Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3,859 Plex Pass

    @\0 said:
    Only been here 2 minutes and got a tan..

    So you have discovered another free feature of Plex.

    I do not think that the site is bad at all. Most everything people are complaining about can easily be mitigated by settings in the browser. I know the screen is not too bright in my browser and the text is not too small.

    I guess it is just easier to complain than it is to just take personal action to reduce or eliminate what is being complained about. I am firmly convinced that most people would rather complain than take action to fix the problem. There seems to be a very strong complaining gene active in a large number of the technology using population.

  • \0\0 Members Posts: 993 ✭✭
    edited July 2015

    Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool by the same name. Markdown is often used to format readme files, for writing messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using a plain text editor.

  • elanelan CTO and Co-founder MauiMembers, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 9,325 Plex Employee

    These new ones look like a unicorn threw up on a blank page....

    Not exactly what we were going for, but points for descriptiveness.

    As a heavy forums user (check my post count), you'd think I would have a fairly strong reaction to the new site. But I have been really enjoying the clean new look, ability to drop images into comments, and the use of markdown to do complex quoting (dropping into [code] mode in the old forums made me feel like a script kiddie).

    I generally prefer "night mode" but I spend enough time in GitHub and other sites that are black on white that it really doesn't bug me.

    Just my $0.02.

  • SteveKSSteveKS Members Posts: 20 ✭✭

    As a new user to forums, I only experienced the old forum for a week but have to say this new look works for me. I have found this forum easy to use and I like the clean feel it has.

  • PlexhilaratedPlexhilarated Plexperimentalist Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1,620 Plex Pass


    Ok... the Script Kiddie thing was good.
    But I still prefer the way images and attachments were handled by the previous forum tools.

    $.02 more.

  • log0nlog0n Members, Plex Pass Posts: 26 Plex Pass

    Though I don't have a large post count I've been lurking since Plex was forked from XBMC and think the new forum is major improvement in just about every regard except it's the only website I have to put my sunglasses on before loading. There are a few other odds & ends but I mean really the white... "the googles they do nothing"

  • dericdddericdd Members, Plex Pass Posts: 16 Plex Pass

    I am certainly loving the new forums. :)

  • don.alcombrightdon.alcombright Members, Plex Pass Posts: 566 Plex Pass

    Setting browser level tweaks for a webpage is kind of counter-intuitive, pretty sure the web is suppose to adapt to your browser not the other way around, just my 2 cents though.

    What I have found though, is I am here a lot less, and I didn't think I would be but I am. Not because of the color, but because things are to hard to follow. Finding new posts is a PITA to put it bluntly. Oh well I suppose.

  • mike4001mike4001 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 493 Plex Pass

    I think it would go a long way if the user pics left of each topic where not this big.

    Make them the size of the first line

  • mike4001mike4001 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 493 Plex Pass

    Something like this:

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