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Can you configure the photo slideshow?

Joe KilnerJoe Kilner Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi all,

new Plex user here - streaming from windows laptop to Fire TV.

Was wondering if there is any way to customise the photo slideshow? Anything from basic (increase time held on photos) to advanced (fancy transitions etc.)?

My ideal photo slideshow would:

  • Expose folders as albums (this kind of works except where I have nested folders - I'd like the top level folder to be an album containing all child albums)
  • Have customisable transitions (and pan/zoom effects on photos etc)
  • Allow you to increase or decrease the slideshow speed
  • Mix home videos in with photos if they are in the same folders
  • Allow hiding of photos (ie option to not show photo again next time slideshow is run on folder)
  • Allow quick fixing of rotated photos
  • Allow quick marking of photos for fixing later (i.e. in wrong folder)

Does anyone know if these features are available via existing config / plugins? Alternatively, does anyone know if it would be possible to write a plugin that had some / all of these features (I'm a dev, never looked at Plex so I don't know what APIs are available but I'm willing to roll my sleeves up if necessary)!





  • tdbetdbe Posts: 1Members
    edited July 2015

    I very much second this.
    It's really inappropriate to have a photo slideshow without at least the ability to zoom the photos.

    All panorama shots or portrait shots, or just any high resolution photos are basically unwatchable.
    Auto-rotate, proper folder categories, showing videos with photos, and everything else Joe said are also a must.


    And please post here if anyone knows of any plugins or whatever that can achieve any of this.

  • claudio_romaclaudio_roma Posts: 263Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    me too +1

  • MLJMAN12MLJMAN12 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Can I also second this request. I was surprised to find out how basic the facilities for displaying photo's via Plex actually is. Surprisingly so when one considers how fully featured it is in other areas. Improvements in this area would make Plex undoubtedly the best there is.

  • danishhammerdanishhammer Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I third? ..or fourth? ...this request (as I have a couple of times before as I've seen this topic appear). This is a real weak spot for Plex and I believe it would drive people to leave Plex running on their TVs when they're not using it for movies, etc. I remember leaving WMC (and it's fairly slick slideshow) up for hours as background entertainment in this capacity.

    As a developer, I've started putting together my own solution but this really needs to be something that is available in the core product. I'm a developer of well over 10 years. Can I help implement this? I'd love to help if it would provide value to Plex's user base.


  • gjachnogjachno Posts: 5Members ✭✭

    I fifth. Also the slideshow dies after several photos.

  • LAPLEXLAPLEX Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    count me & my dad in, photo transition would be great.

  • krdkkrdk Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Count me in, really - please - really need much better slides show features and general more speedy photo display features - Using Roku 3 it sometimes "freezes all up" 10-15 seconds... :-(

  • MLJMAN12MLJMAN12 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Is there any chance of this feature ever coming to Plex? I find not having this facility is a real weakness on what otherwise is a fantastic solution. Would implementing a slide show feature be so difficult. I wonder danishhammer did you have any joy or response to your previous kind offer?

  • gcurrie333gcurrie333 Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    It's 2016 and there is still no movement on photo slideshow. Don't think it's going to happen. This is the kind of thing that keeps me from doing a Plex Pass.

  • 4Meadway4Meadway Posts: 277Members Plex Pass

    Defo think the slide show needs more options also I have noticed that if you leave it playing and don't touch the device it powers down as the TV goes into stand-by!

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Music and videos are fine, but when playing a picture show they don't seem to have disabled the sleep timer on the box! I am about to report it as a fault unless there is a setting I haven't spotted?

  • nydornydor Posts: 1Members Plex Pass

    I need this to keep up with my friends using apple!

  • KaatuKaatu Posts: 47Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Sadly currently you can't really use Plex for photos.

  • ddeloskyddelosky Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    +1 -- I'll add another use case for enhanced Slideshow features. I'd like to use Plex to display digital artwork (there is a wealth of digital photos of fine art in the public domain) as a sort of virtual art gallery. For such a use case, I would want to extend the time each photo is displayed to at least a minute or perhaps even several minutes. Transitions and panning might be nice features for this use case, too.

  • DHHJDHHJ Posts: 7Members ✭✭

    +1, +2, +3,..........

  • kwhckwhc Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    +1 please!

  • AGresvig01AGresvig01 Posts: 26Members Plex Pass

    I tried moving from a "Google Cast + Google Photos" to Photos on my Plex server as a solution for showing picture slideshows on my TV, but it is lacking too much in features to make it a worthwhile alternative, aborting the switch.

    I will need at least the following:

    • Ability to have images fill the screen
    • Ability to set duration of each slide in the slideshow

    Nice to haves:

    • Zoom functionality
    • Background music
    • True "dissolve" transitions (like all other major slideshow apps feature)
  • j@ojp.dkj@ojp.dk Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Any news on the ability to set duration of each slide in the slideshow?

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