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iPad connected to TV via HDMI not filling screen?

ademanueleademanuele Members, Plex Pass Posts: 111 Plex Pass

As Airplay is not working well with the new version of Plex, I am connecting my iPad to my TV via a HDMI cable and adaptor. My TV is a Samsung UE48JU7000 LED 4K Ultra HD. The content is playing OK, but only in a reduced picture size3 (large black border around the picture). Any ideas...

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  • plexmixxplexmixx Members Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Hey Ademanuele,

    I would keep messing with the settings and check your network connection. Make sure your devices clearly see each other. On the Ipad you should simply be able to use AirPlay to your Apple TV.

    Also I am running Plexconnect for my Apple TV works perfectly! It's awesome it uses the Trailer's app on the Apple TV and connects it to your Plex Server. There is a nice and easy set up on link below.



    Let me know what you think! Also if you need help with anything regarding PlexConnect!!



  • cardocardo Members, Plex Pass Posts: 23 Plex Pass

    Same problem here. Using the HDMI adapter the iPad is mirroring its screen onto the TV and only showing up in a small rectangle in the middle of the TV. Looks like the Plex boys broke TV out again. Didn't this happen last time they did a big iOS update??

  • Lawndart471Lawndart471 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass
    edited August 2015

    Same here for me. I created a laundry list of issues on Reddit and figured I'd better start posting them here.

    Apple Ipad Air 2, w/ Plex for IOS 4.0, IOS 8.4. The output is basically the same format as what's on the iPad with black bars on either side, even if the content is 1080 or 720. So, for some media, I get black bars at top and bottom of iPad, then on TV, I get black bars on sides too, when all that needs to happen is for it to fill the screen.

    I recently went back to Plex for IOS 3.5.3 and I no longer have this problem.

  • vanderbvanderb Members Posts: 9 ✭✭
    edited August 2015

    Same issue here, the output on the iPad (mini) is simply mirrored on to my TV using the HDMI adapter, this results in a small picture in the middle of the TV, not the full screen I'm used to with Plex. In addition the app crashes approximately every 20 - 24 minutes.

  • PimpingurzPimpingurz Members, Plex Pass Posts: 17 Plex Pass

    This is so frustrating, I've just updated and having the same problem.

  • ademanueleademanuele Members, Plex Pass Posts: 111 Plex Pass
    edited August 2015

    Plex is a fantastic product and I think we were all looking forward to the iOS update, and this has come as a big disappointment to me. The main way I use Plex is via Airplay from my iPad, and that no longer works correctly, and plugging in using HDMI also does not work correctly. I hope that we see some of these issues fixed in the near future, I just don't understand how they were not picked up during testing. I appreciate that for most people this is free software, but many of us have the paid version (Plex Pass).

  • dazbobabydazbobaby Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5 Plex Pass
    edited August 2015

    Same here, not full screen via HDMI on iPhone 6, iPad mini or iPad Air.
    Also crashes on all devices after around 30 minutes

  • Technomancer01Technomancer01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 13 Plex Pass

    I have the same issue. I notice that with the new version of plex for iOS, it seems to use the mirror mode for HDMI display instead of the external screen mode (for lack of a better term). When it played on the old version, it treated the external monitor as the main display, and looked great.

    Now, it plays on the connected HDMI and still plays on the iOS screen, which means if I rotate the phone without the aspect lock, it will rotate on the remote display as well. Many times when I start playing a video, it's correct on the iPhone, but turned sideways on the remote screen. I have to rotate the phone vertically then back to horizontally to get it to display correctly on the external screen.

    Also, all of my notifications appear on the remote screen which is highly irritating. Before the iOS device would have a black screen and notifications would not appear on the external display.

    Hopefully it would be a simple change to an API call to work correctly as it used to.

  • ademanueleademanuele Members, Plex Pass Posts: 111 Plex Pass

    Thanks. Getting used to the new Plex and indeed it is a nice update. Keep up the great work and look forward to the new AppleTV app ;-)

  • Dave_HedgehogDave_Hedgehog Members, Plex Pass Posts: 102 Plex Pass

    @hsousa said:
    Hi guys!

    Sorry for the delay, but we've been hard at work hunting and squashing more critical stuff.

    This issue hasn't been forgotten at all and rest assured that proper lightning-to-hdmi support should be included in an upcoming 4.0.3 update.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Will 4.0.3 also include proper support for dock connector to component and/or composite AV cables? To me (well my parents) this is the most critical thing. They stream stuff from my server by plugging mum's iPhone 4s into the TV with a component AV cable, but currently this just results in audio through the TV and video staying on the phone screen.

    I also have a mini projector in the bedroom that only has composite input available, which I can't use the new Plex app on due to this issue. Fortunately I still have an old iPod touch with a (very) old version of Plex so I'm not too badly affected, but mum and dad are basically cut off.

  • hsousahsousa Plex for iOS/tvOS Developer Lisbon, PortugalMembers, Plex Employee, Plex Pass Posts: 136 Plex Employee

    Hi @Dave_Hedgehog!

    Yes, 4.0.3 should add full TV Out support (including component/composite). Please try again after it's released and let me know if you find any issues with it.

  • fishergfisherg Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass
    edited February 28

    I still have the same problem. Ipad Pro 10.5", iOS 11.2.6, iOS Plex Player 4.25 (28-Feb-2018). Lightning to HDMI adapter, Samsung 50" LCD TV.

    It's not the TV setting as when I play Plex Player on my Mac to same TV using HDMI the picture is full screen.

    Any solution to this?

  • ademanueleademanuele Members, Plex Pass Posts: 111 Plex Pass

    This issue seems to be specific to certain files, some (not all) .mkv files appear to be the issue...

  • wdpaynterwdpaynter Members, Plex Pass Posts: 117 Plex Pass

    I too have this problem with iPhone and RES in our Honda Pilot. The screen is small enough already without shrinking it further. Please advise


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