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Search within "Participated" Ugh.

PlexhilaratedPlexhilarated PlexperimentalistMembers, Plex Pass Posts: 1,620 Plex Pass

Wow, I know I asked this before in the old Forum Software, and someone pointed it out, but in this new (Vanilla) software... for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to find a thread that I once participated in (not as the Author) searching for some specific text about "remote controls."

I can select my "Participated" threads, but there are hundreds of them... how do I search within them to find a specific thread? I would expect to find a Search Bar at the top, like I see in any Library, but no. Advanced search allows me to limit the query to those I have "Authored" but not simply those I have "Participated" in.


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  • PlexhilaratedPlexhilarated Plexperimentalist Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1,620 Plex Pass
    edited August 2015

    You're right. I assumed that "Authored" meant only threads that I had "Started," but it looks at every post that I authored in any thread.

    Thanx for the education once again.

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