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Plex It! Dailymotion not working

Can't add dailymotion video via plexIt. Its not showing in queue. Other websites are working fine.


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  • umassdumassd Posts: 5Members ✭✭

    same here.. can someone please help? Thanks in advance!

  • coolcubecoolcube Posts: 13Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same here, two things I have noticed PlexIt fails to work in a Browser and on an Android phone the plex share icon in Dailymotion will initially work then in Plex app log me out and fails to add to Watch Later. I then need to login again to my Plex account. Maybe Dailymotion have changed something and now PlexIt will not work. Let's hope this gets fixed soon.

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    Server: HP Microserver G8. Linux Debian Jessie (OpenMediaVault 3.x beta)
    Don't have as many TVs as clients but mostly use Roku/NowTV, and Android and iOS on the go.

  • sander1sander1 Channel Developer/Admin Posts: 3,735Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    @coolcube said:
    Maybe Dailymotion have changed something and now PlexIt will not work. Let's hope this gets fixed soon.

    Yes, that's exactly what happened. I'm looking into this atm.

  • adityanmishraadityanmishra Posts: 1Members ✭✭

    Any luck guys?

  • dough321dough321 Posts: 22Members ✭✭

    Thanks @sander1 URL service is working fine.

  • cgfaulknercgfaulkner Posts: 9Members ✭✭

    Same thing happening now. When will the plex bookmarked videos queue be working again?

  • LeiitoLeiito Posts: 75Members ✭✭

    It's working now.

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