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[BUG] Refreshing local media agent even if it's disabled

h3ge3406h3ge3406 Posts: 6Members ✭✭
edited November 2015 in Linux


I think it is a bug. I have the following options disabled.

  • Run a partial scan when changes are detected
  • Update my library automatically

My issue is, that every time metadata is loaded (the first time per movie), it take around 10 seconds to get results.

Nov 10, 2015 22:23:43 [0x7f43c8bfe700] DEBUG - Request: [::ffff:10...*:45707] GET /library/metadata/20720 (3 live) GZIP
Nov 10, 2015 22:23:43 [0x7f43c8bfe700] DEBUG - Last refresh (2015-11-10 09:50:21) appears to be older than directory change time (2015-11-10 21:54:14), need to refresh local media agent.
Nov 10, 2015 22:23:43 [0x7f43ca3ff700] DEBUG - HTTP requesting GET
Nov 10, 2015 22:23:50 [0x7f43ca3ff700] DEBUG - [com.plexapp.agents.localmedia] HTTP reply status 200, with 16 bytes of content.

2015-11-10 22:23:43,440 (7f8362ffd700) : DEBUG (runtime:717) - Handling request GET /:/plugins/com.plexapp.agents.localmedia
2015-11-10 22:23:43,519 (7f8362ffd700) : DEBUG (networking:166) - Requesting ''
2015-11-10 22:23:47,036 (7f8362ffd700) : INFO (localmedia:193) - Found XY75 media files in this directory, skipping local extras search: /path/to/media
2015-11-10 22:23:47,184 (7f8362ffd700) : INFO (localmedia:220) - Found 0 valid things for pattern (fanart|art|background|backdrop|Stirb\ langsam\ -\MOVIENAME\ (2013)-fanart)-?[0-9]? (ext: ['jpg', 'png', 'jpeg', 'tbn'])
2015-11-10 22:23:50,022 (7f8362ffd700) : DEBUG (runtime:924) - Response: [200] str, 16 bytes


I disabled the Local Media Assets Agent and now it loads in under a second -> at least a workaround


  • ST3RL1N6ST3RL1N6 Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Thanks for the tip in the edit -- that got me working for now. I have the same "Last refresh ... appears to be older than directory change time ... need to refresh local media agent" debug alert with the same two automatic refresh settings disabled. My media storage is on a separate NAS and the libraries access it via UNC paths. Confirmed NAS and server time match, but it appears the "directory change time" adjusts every time I add additional content to the media library (one large directory of files). If I created individual folders for each movie, it might fix the issue, but talk about a huge waste of time.

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