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Fanarts, Refresh All, and posters

moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 2,265 Plex Pass

I don't know why, but fanarts are lost sometimes. The only way that I have found to rebuild them is to Refresh the entire library. But the "Refresh All" action has an adverse consequence -> all my "personal posters" are lost. I've spent so much time correcting / creating posters and now I have to repeat it.

Is there a less destructive way to rebuild fanarts ?


  • trumpy81trumpy81 Posts: 8,642 Plex Ninja
    edited December 2015

    Where you need personal posters, I recommend that you download the poster yourself, then name it exactly the same as your Movie/TV Show file, but with the proper .jpg ext of course and place it in the same folder as the video file.

    Then make sure that you have the personal media agent turned on and it is sorted to the top of the list of agents.

    Then at least you should not lose your personal posters when performing a refresh all.

    I have personal posters for every video in my collection and I don't have any issues with losing them.

    Having said that, I recently had an issue where some posters would not display for any reason, my own or downloaded posters, and I had to remove the files that did not display a poster, do the Plex Dance and then re-add them. That solved that issue for me at least.

    I believe you can also add fanart by naming it correctly and placing it in the same folder with the video file. The personal media agent picks that up and uses it also.

    Check the file naming guide for more details on that, link in my signature. :)

  • moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 2,265 Plex Pass

    Thank you very much, I will follow your suggestions about personal posters.

    Regarding fanart, it's something that is generated automatically by PMS, I have no way to generate them myself. Why fanart's disapear sometimes is a mistery to me... When this happens they are visible in PHT but not in PlexConnect.

  • trumpy81trumpy81 Posts: 8,642 Plex Ninja
    edited December 2015

    That is odd. The only thing I can think of would be that the images are being deleted from the cache or perhaps the file permissions are being reset or corrupted somehow for PlexConnect.

    I am not sure where the cache would be located for PlexConnect, I am assuming it has a cache of course.

    If it does, then try setting the permissions for files in the cache after SSH'ing into the NAS, next time a fanart poster goes missing. With any luck that might fix it.

    PS: Fanart is downloaded the same as posters, from various fanart websites. If you can find them then you can download them, rename them as needed and pop them into your media folders with the video files, then they will be used first, ahead of any others that Plex downloads.

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