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add Film ID to Plex

wouldend be more easy to add a Film ID Field to Plex?
if you have a look http://thetvdb.com/?tab=episode&seriesid=80379&seasonid=28047&id=332484&lid=14
on the Bottom there is a [IMDB.com ID:] which i belive is unique.

have a nice day


  • vikozovikozo Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    :( it isen't a good idea?

  • ZeroQIZeroQI Posts: 1,384Members ✭✭✭

    the agent search function already use a unique id (the tvdb id for tvdb series, for exemple) that it assigns to the serie
    the update function take this id and get the metadata for it

    My HAMA agent can use tvdbid, anidbids or be modded to support imdb, tmdb...
    I am sorry it is a bad idea as metadata id. They could add additional fields but that's a feature request...

    Absolute Series Scanner (ASS): Seasons+Absolute mode series scanner managing subdirectories and AniDB type specials,with a logging off all files (skipped on top of root folder, then sorted one line per file with regex used and info, all series sorted alphabetically) and one with the filelist to reproduce the library on my end with dummy files. It also add all files and recognise specials pretty accurately.

    http AniDB Metadata Agent (HAMA): Some good info there, will have to re-write it at some point... Data folders are kinda mandatory... Huge libraries can fetch 10gb in space. If you have no poster but other metadata is showing, create "Plug-in Support/Data/com.plexapp.agents.hama/DataItems" agent folders as indicated in the readme on GitHub

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