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Photo library is not rotating photos

moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 2,266 Plex Pass

I have a photo library that contains the attached photo. This photo should be viewed in portrait mode. It displays correctly in PMS thumbnails (both in PlexWeb and PlexConnect), it also display correctly in PlexConnect in the slideshow on the left of the screen before selecting the folder containning the photo.

The problem is when I try to display the photo, or use the PlexConnect slideshow function. The photo appears rotated (in landscape mode), which is incorrect.

If I load the photo in iCloud it is displayed in the ATV "full-size" in the correct portrait orientation, using ATV's native functions (not PlexConnect).

What am I doing wrong ?


  • moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 2,266 Plex Pass
    edited February 2016

    Some more info:

    1. If I set phototranscoderaction=transcode the photo is rotated. However, since my PMS is installed on an ARM NAS, this is not an option because it takes too long to rotate the photo
    2. If I set phototranscoderaction=auto the photo is sent to the ATV apparently without the EXIF info, therefore the ATV does not rotates the photo

    Edit: in the meantime I've seen some old threads back from 2013. There is a proposed solution to modify XMLConverter.py in order to force transcoding when EXIF specifies that rotation is needed but apparently that was never implemented. What is "strange" is that those old threads claim that the ATV does not honors EXIF, but when it displays from iCloud yes, it honors them (unless iCloud is rotating the photo before sending it to the ATV)

    Edit2: Looks like tvOS supports exif, could it be that firmware 7.2 also supports it ?

  • baabaa Posts: 3,954 Forum Mod
    edited February 2016

    Hm... now is your NAS able to transcode?
    On the aTV side, I have no idea, why - but apparently it doesn't use the EXIF information when fed with a plain JPG. We don't know how iTunes/iCloud is doing it (well, there is no good documentation out there :-) ), it might send the orientation/EXIF in the http header? Or prepend the actual picture with some XML/plist file?
    Yes, there was a longer discussion on how to get aTV/PlexConnect to display the images correctly. This actually led to the "imagetranscoder" setting. Sure it could be improved by defaulting to transcode for rotated images... but even then your NAS has to have the capabilities to do so.

  • moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 2,266 Plex Pass
    edited February 2016

    The "imagetranscoder" setting is a good idea, although a minor improvement could be done in the "auto" situation, to use the transcoder when rotation is needed (the transcode value forces transcoding in all photos). Some NAS could benefit from this improvement (unfortunately not mine :(( its photo transcoding speed is too slow, I was surprised that it can transcode photos because viideo transcoding is disabled).

    I had an old camera that did not create EXIF's. I bought a new one that creates them, hoping to avoid photo preprocessing before loading in the NAS, just to discover that some tools process orientation info in EXIF's and others don't. In windows, for example, picasa handles exif but photo gallery does not.

    I was hoping, now that tvOS has public api's, that this could be used as a guide to discover how to make the ATV3 to handle EXIF's. Is there any way I can help you discover how ?

  • baabaa Posts: 3,954 Forum Mod

    Yep... EXIF is not yet fully "universal", I guess.
    On Windows I used to use "Irfanview", that one supported the EXIF data quite early. But that was a couple of years back. Don't know how it is doing now...
    I have no idea on how to find a solution here, not even on aTV4/tvOS. Actually, I don't know if it now supports EXIF orientation or not. I got to check that out. :-)

  • moody_bluemoody_blue Posts: 2,266 Plex Pass
    edited February 2016

    I don't know if this helps, but I've tried Firefox and Internet Explorer to open the photo in my PC. Firefox rotates and IE does not. Then I used IE to open the photo from iCloud. It rotates.

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