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Slow picture/photo loading on Apple TV 4?

mrfatboymrfatboy Posts: 103Members ✭✭

I have plex for ios, atv4, and vizio. My plex server is a PC. The server and apps are all current versions as of today. When I use the ATV4 Plex app, displaying photos from my library are extremely slow(not a fun experience). I believe it is always transcoding them even though I have quality set on the highest setting or Original.

Is this a bug? Anybody else have the issue? Suggestions?

The Vizio Plex app displays the same photos very quickly so I am thinking its an ATV 4 bug.


  • rdevaneyrdevaney Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have the same issue on Apple TV 4K. I thought it was my network speed over the wireless so i hardwired it and still slow. I don't get this with my Google TV boxes which are much older. I am running the latest Plex Media Server on my Synology 416play. I am guessing it is the Plex client on the Apple TV. Perhaps you guys can tweak the code to make it more efficient and perform better on Apple TV. It's really weird how slow it is. Everything else seems fine, just huge lag on Photos.

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