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Is it possible to share a link to one file?

ephetersonepheterson Members, Plex Pass Posts: 14 Plex Pass

It'd be nice to be able to share a link to one song, or one video, or even a playlist / series, by generating a link on-demand. The restrictions on this link could either be public, or limited to existing users of the share.

This would be really cool, and Dropbox has similar functionality for files, where you can share an entire folder, or just individual files within it.

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  • FishNiXFishNiX Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    I agree, I'd love to be listening to a song and be able to share just that song/playlist with someone. It would be especially sweet if I could make it expire in whatever amount of time I wanted.

  • lespinozav@hotmail.comlespinozav@hotmail.com Validating, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    That was the main reason i purchased a subscription, to share individual videos like youtube but Plex doesn't offer that flexibility, it enforces you to share your entire library and your friends must have to create a free Plex account, it really sucks !!!
    I just cancelled my Plex subscription, i am very disappointed of the sharing limitations that Plex offers.

  • shopgirl284shopgirl284 Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, Forum Moderator Posts: 2,571 Plex Ninja

    You can share individual YouTube videos by adding it to your PlexIt/Watch Later and then using Recommendations. Plex It/Watch Later/Recommendations do not require Plex Pass.

    You cannot however share one item from your local libraries. With item from your local directory you share a specific library. See Create a New Share and Restricting the Shares.

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    Providing details about your issue, Plex setup, and including log files are important when when asking for help on the forums.
    See Log Files
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  • ephetersonepheterson Members, Plex Pass Posts: 14 Plex Pass

    Whoops! I accidentally clicked Yes on your message, accepting it as the "answer" (and there doesn't appear to be a way to undo). So, you win!

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