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Sync Transcoding Only 1 at a time

chaosmakerchaosmaker Posts: 538Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi All,

I have this weird issue that it seems that my Plex Server (PMS only seems to allow 1 parallel transcoding process. For example, if I ask to Sync a specific video to a device and I play something that needs transcoding then the sync job slows down to the point where you could consider it not running at all. If I first watch something and then ask to sync something then the video is just stuck in "waiting to be converted" until the transcode process stops.

In any of these cases my CPU usage doesn't go beyond 10% (Core i5 6600).
I'm sure I used to have direct play, 2 simultaneous transcodes and no issues with sending something to a sync with my previous i7-950 or with previous PMS version on the same system.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Or have something recently changed in the way Plex manages syncs/transcodes?


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