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vocal channel through right speaker?

BlueOvalManBlueOvalMan Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

OK apologies if this has been looked at already or in another thread. Looked around on this site but couldn't find an answer so hoping I can get some pointers or help. I should preface this by saying I'm essentially a noob and don't have a complete 100% understanding of the plex media server or the app but here goes... Hopefully it's just a box that needs to be ticked or vice versa.....

Issue 1: I'm getting the vocal channel (which is supposed to be through the centre speaker) now coming out of the right front speaker. All other speakers appear to be ok but I haven't really tested them thoroughly because this centre 'issue' is the only thing really bugging me right now. Appears to be a new issue because I've never noticed it before and usually fairly picky with my audio and sound quality. Tested speaker inputs and calibration within the setting of the receiver and they're all ok.

Issue 2: PS3 Plex app really really REALLY slow! Going from movie to movie and from library to library etc..etc.. Usually just 'hangs' or freezes but generally head-bashingly slow. Already touched on within these forums but thought I'd add my 2 cents anyway

System overview: Windows 7 laptop (Sony Vaio) running as a media centre. Plex media server (on laptop) being run on Firefox browser and Synology page via iE browser. Laptop connected to 8 port switch. Synology NAS drive also connected to same switch (LAN all hardwired). PS3 in other room (connected direct to modem) with Plex app via HDMI (everything is HDMI and CAT6 - no wifi or other) to Panasonic TV AND Mitsi projector (via HDMI 4x2 switcher) which allows me to send different sources to both Panasonic TV and Mitsi DP. HDMI is direct from PS3 into TV (via switcher) and sound from TV goes back to receiver via separate HDMI output however HDMI from 4x2 switcher to DP passes THROUGH receiver first before it goes to the DP

It should be noted that I have the Plex app pre-installed on a Sony Bravia TV in another room and I have no issues with the vocal channel there. It get's it's feed via another 8-port switch (LAN) from the modem. The audio is then piped out of the Sony TV into the receiver (via optical cable).

I'd be keen to get any advice, recommendations, suggestions or feedback to help solve this problem. If I haven't articulated myself very well with the set-up or there are any 'flags' with my set up, please ask or seek clarification from me

Thanks in advance

P.S. Running media server version and version 2.6.1 on laptop. Every time I try and update the version it just hangs after the download and stays stuck on 'installing'....



  • BlueOvalManBlueOvalMan Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Sorted. Replaced PS3 with Roku Premiere+ and both issues resolved. Audio now working properly and Plex app much better on Roku

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