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New search feature in Plex web app

wunderlong88wunderlong88 Posts: 149Members ✭✭

First let me say how glad I am that you guys added a global search. I do have some questions about it.

I have a large movie collection and I have it in 20 libraries (genres) in Plex so we can browse a particular genre when we want. Sometimes though I would like to see all the movies with a particular actor., for example John Wayne, as I have so many of his movies in various libraries and I can't always remember what I have.

If I search "John Wayne" the drop down says:
Show all results

(It lists 3)

(It lists 3 in individual libraries, for example John Wayne in Westerns)


(TV shows that have John Wayne, only one is showing up but there are 2 more)

If I select "Show all results" it only gives the one tv episode that it found under EPISODES above. If I select John Wayne in Westerns then I only see the movies he was in, in that library.

Is there a way to see a complete list of all movies at one time with John Wayne from all libraries? I don't really want to look in each genre at the results seperately as this would take awhile. I feel like SHOW ALL RESULTS show do this but for some reason mine isn't.

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