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[feature request] Android Auto support

pixelxenopixelxeno Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

It's seems more and more apps are supporting Android Auto: http://g.co/androidauto - and its deployment seems underway with car and radio manufacturers. It'd be great if the Android plex app was to support it.




  • bheydaribheydari Members, Plex Pass Posts: 45 Plex Pass

    I agree 100% - please add Android Auto integration!!

  • rat-crat-c Members, Plex Pass Posts: 25 Plex Pass

    Not sure if this is getting attention elsewhere, but with the recent release of Android Auto to non-Auto equipped cars, i.e. the ability to run 'detached', this has opened up a much larger market share.

    Adding my vote for Android Auto support.

  • dahamstadahamsta Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    Yes please!

  • ScoobyJDScoobyJD Members, Plex Pass Posts: 36 Plex Pass

    there is another request for this but I am bumping this as well.

  • Nimda11Nimda11 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2 Plex Pass

    yes please. This I would love mucho.

  • jemeljemel Members, Plex Pass Posts: 8 Plex Pass

    Count me in. This would be a welcome addition

  • Gone_soloGone_solo Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2 Plex Pass

    Also adding my support for this. I drive long distances and use Plex to manage my music between my phone and it's a great itunes replacement for that reason. But Android Auto support would make starting plex and playing music while already on the road much easier and safer

  • zachofalltrades_zachofalltrades_ Members, Plex Pass Posts: 8 Plex Pass

    I was really disappointed not to see Plex among the audio sources when I started using an Android Auto system I installed in my car. Count me among those requesting this.

  • HumanIMDBHumanIMDB Members, Plex Pass Posts: 7 Plex Pass

    Yes please.

  • MReprogleMReprogle Members Posts: 26 ✭✭✭

    I keep checking back here every so often, and still no update on this? I'd definitely love to be able to start streaming my FLAC library to my car with Plex, but it's looking pretty bleak at this point..

  • naja_returnnaja_return Members Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Please add support to Android Auto!!!

  • PicklebarrelPicklebarrel Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    Kinda disappointed that after finally getting a vehicle with android auto I find out that if I want to listen to all my music from my plex library I either have to stop using android auto or find another service and match the music up there as well.
    Its definitely something that needs to happen, especially now that more and more people are using it with because of the standalone auto app.

  • tohil.nettohil.net Members, Plex Pass Posts: 33 Plex Pass

    +1 add that feature

  • BotonoBotono Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    +1 I would absolutely love this!

  • zero_koopzero_koop Members, Plex Pass Posts: 144 Plex Pass

    +1 This feature would be great, although I think it would be secondary to other needed music features such as the ability to sync your entire music library with one click and a separate music app that focuses on key features common to music apps.

  • tprokoptprokop Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5 Plex Pass

    Yes Please

  • meyerdsmeyerds Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    This is the top feature I'm looking for right now. Adding Android Auto support is pretty straight forward if the app has been written using the recommended media playing API approach, too. So maybe a low effort/high reward item?

  • silmarilliumsilmarillium Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

    In for some android auto love as well !

  • pimpteepimptee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 16 Plex Pass

    Sign me in on this feature request!

  • Drek7ngDrek7ng Members, Plex Pass Posts: 16 Plex Pass

    Please add support for Android auto

    Im surprised its not supported already being the a mount of time android auto has been out.

    Im a Plex Subscriber and now use plex for everything from photos to TV but in stuck with using another app to play music in the car.

    I Really hope its possible and will be available soon.

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