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Plex Media Server and SELinux

chrisallenchrisallen New ZealandMembers, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 637 Plex Employee
edited June 2016 in Linux

SELinux is enabled by default on a few Linux distributions (Fedora 24, Debian Jessie 8, etc.), which can cause the plexmediaserver.service systemd sevice to not start. This is due to SELinux preventing some of the environment paths from being passed to the Plex Media Server binary.

We are currently investigating the best way to solve this, but as a intermediary solution, you can set SELinux to "permissive mode" (SELINUX=permissive).

Please see bullet #2 in the "5.4.1. Enabling SELinux" section of the following fedora support article for more information:

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