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Roku 4: photo quality is bad

KaatuKaatu Posts: 47Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have a Roku 4 attached to a 4k 60" TV.
When I watch photos with Plex the quality is very bad.
If I watch the same photos with Roku's Media Player the quality is excellent (but I have other problems with it, like wrong orientation for portrait photos - do you know any alternative?).

Is there any way to increase Plex' photo quality to full 4k?


Best Answer


  • Roby BeaudoinRoby Beaudoin Posts: 1Members

    Is there any developement for the limitation of 720p for photography. I would like to show my picture on my 4k tv but the quality is horrible (strong pixelisation, banding).

  • natalymalcon88natalymalcon88 Posts: 1Members

    I join. I also want to improve the quality of my photos in Plex. For me this is a fundamental point. This is related to my work.

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