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Sonos App - Plex without remote access

plexcabbplexcabb Posts: 92 Plex Pass

Is it possible to play Plex media off Sonos app without the remote access?

I would like to play the media from within my home and I prefer not to enable the remote access for this.



Best Answer

  • plexcabbplexcabb Posts: 92 Plex Pass
    Accepted Answer

    Guess it won't happen?


  • FletchesusFletchesus Posts: 19 Plex Pass

    I would also be interested in this. Thanks

  • fysmdfysmd Posts: 31 Plex Pass

    I've been looking into a (network related) issue I have with Sonos able to browse my Plex music library and can see that Sonos put their own servers in-line with media for Plex (exactly as they do with most other sources, I guess NAS and media from your phone/tablet etc are exceptions).

  • fjmcconnellfjmcconnell Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    I also would like to be able to play media on my Sonos without remote access as I have to use Xplornet which doesn't support inbound access at my cottage.


  • For safety reasons I also do not want to enable remote access, but I do want to watch movies at home on Plex with audio output from the Sonos

  • damtordamtor Posts: 39 Plex Pass

    I'm another use who does not want to enable remote access. I have a new Sonos 5.1 system, and a Roku
    connected to my TV. I can use the Roku app to connect to my music library and play music through the
    Sonos system. Apparently I can't do that with the Sonos/Plex app: it requires remote access be enabled.
    I only want to play my music in my own home on my own LAN. I wish the Sonos/Plex app allowed me to
    do that. It's a show stopper for me.

  • plexcabbplexcabb Posts: 92 Plex Pass
    Accepted Answer

    Guess it won't happen?

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