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BUG: volume controls don't work when playing MP3 audio

parth.shethparth.sheth Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I've noticed an interesting bug in Plex Media Player. When playing MP3 audio, adjusting the system volume does not change the volume of sound output. If I mute the system volume, it will mute all sound output, but even when set at 2%, it plays sound at full audio volume.
This problem occurs when playing MP3 audio files and with video files that use an MP3 audio track. Otherwise, audio output works great for video files with AAC, AC3, and DTS output. I have not noticed this issue with any other versions of Plex (web and the Windows 10 app work without this problem).

I am running the most current versions of Plex Media Player and the Plex server (on a Synology NAS).

Best Answer


  • timinskitiminski Posts: 40Members ✭✭

    @vlang Where does one disable the Exclusive mode in PMP? I would need to do so via SSH as most of my installs are headless audio kits on Pi3B+DAC HATs.

    Thanks for the help!

  • timinskitiminski Posts: 40Members ✭✭

    Should have said that I know how to disable Exclusive mode via the HDMI-out GUI interface. Would still like to be able to do so via SSH as there are no monitors connected to any of the Pi / Audio HATs that I have installed.

    Thanks again to anyone who can assist with this!

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