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reFocus updates by dawiinci

dawiincidawiinci Posts: 536Members ✭✭
edited February 2011 in Refocus
I really like the reFocus skin and damon5334 did a great job to improve the skin even further. However he decided to freeze the development.

Because I now want to have a skin that works as I like, I started to fix some things. I give you access to the modifications because maybe you like this version too. If you find a bug I'll try to fix it. Because I don't know as much about skinning as damon5334, I can't make optional settings or completely new sections.

Feel free to modify the skin to fit your needs. If you like this version, please vote this post up by clicking on the add.png at the bottom of this message. This is an indicator if it's worth to publish new versions or not.

reFocus by dawiinci
I really focus on iron out some glitches and make the skin even more simple. Please read the list of fixes carefully to find out if if this version is for you.

  • Based upon damon5334-reFocus-for-Plex-26cba2c.zip (January 2011)
  • I removed parts of the skin which I don't like.
  • I removed options that didn't work.

Download: reFocus dawiinci.txt

Incremental Updates: none


Not fixed
  • duration should be changed from 1:35:00 to 95. (should be Plex-related - I filed a feature request.)
  • video plugins should have icons (no idea how - minor issue)

List of fixed issues
  • Fixed icons in settings: focussed background was bigger than the icon (list-focus2.png)
  • Fixed scrollbar flickering on plugin load by removing all scrollbar graphics (They anyway didn't work properly)
  • Removed startup screen and removed any photos and startup sound
  • Removed some backgrounds and some Windows executables which were not used in the skin
  • Added a category for cast, because that's what is interesting about a movie, isn't it?
  • Removed paths from information page to get more space for the plot
  • Big List view modified to satisfy all aspect ratios (posters, thumbnails and squares)
  • Removed empty line under rating stars in big list view to get more space for the plot
  • Removed text on the status bar on the left when skipping a scene or caching (too large in other languages and not an important information - keep it simple)
  • Optimized German translation to fit the skin, because some strings were too long
  • Removed all reFocus Logos (I couldn't make it optional, so I removed the images)
  • Removed scrollbar settings (scrollbars were buggy and produced sometimes flickering)
  • Removed settings for slideshow by daytime
  • Removed original home screen settings (did anyone ever used this?)
  • Translated all settings to German
  • Fixed text for credits in German translation
  • Rearranged some settings that belong together
  • Fixed view in music-plugins
  • Changed default view in plugins section to "Big List View"
  • Removed information about resolution and Date/Time in thumbnails view. (removes the N/A inside the picture-plugins)
  • Translated Plugins to German
  • Translated iTunes in main menu to German
  • Resized selection overlay in main menu to not overlap the sections
  • Using smoother animations from Grainy Edition (IncludesAnimations.xml)
  • Added some white pixels so the mask on sections fits better (homemask.png)
  • Removed flickering of the sections at startup
  • Unselected sections are now more faded in the background, it's easier to see what is focussed and fanart is more visible
  • Removed the flickering on the sides of the sections when zoomed
  • Resized the favorites window. You can add up to 15 items. There is only one page so don't add more than 15.
  • Removed title for favorites. using the selection on the left to indicate where you are.
  • Removed the horizontal lines from the favorites windows.
  • Using capitalization in Favorites so that CNN isn't shown as cnn.
  • Moved Favorites windows to fit better.
  • Removed setting for "Play video in background", didn't work.
  • Added more colors (red, violet, green) for the "black background" (launcher apps included)
  • Replaced any low capitalization in text by normal capitalization while titles remain small (replaced RegularLow.ttf)
  • Removed setting for "use capitalization"
  • Fixed "list by starring actor"; now shows their names instead of images
  • Fixed shadow when using option "use black background"; the black shadow on the left sometimes flickers and still has some banding - removed the shadow (the effect was minimal)
  • Added a black and a white background
  • Fixed some German translations (the translation still contains strings from other versions of Plex)

These things can be fixed by yourself
  • If the main menu stutters or flickers it's because the images for your sections are too big (Plex-related). Be sure your section artwork has the perfect size of 800x200 for this skin. Other skins might require larger images (Grainy Edition).

Added Features

  • I added a few other colors for the background. You can change the color by using the little helpers I include in the skin. These apps are programmed with Automator and simply replace the background image in your skin folder.


Here is an example example of the new RED and the WHITE Edition:


Removed files
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/sounds/startup.wav
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/background2_plex.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/background2.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/home/forplexlogo.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/home/logo.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/logos
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/XBMCTex.bat
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/XBMCTex.exe
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/startup
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/afternoon
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/Evening
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/library
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/Morning
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/backgrounds/settings.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/720p/Startup.xm
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/settings/refocusbg.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/settings/programs.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/-scrollBackground.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/-scrollBackgroundHorizontal.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/-scrollbarGrip-focus .png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollBackground.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollBackgroundHorizontal.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbar_bar_focus.PNG
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbar_bar.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarBGx.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarGrip-focus.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarGrip.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarGripFocus.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarGripHorizontal-focus.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarGripHorizontal.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarNib.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarSlider.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarSliderFocus.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarSliderFocusx.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarSliderH.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/scrollbarSliderx.png
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/skin/reFocus_dawiinci/media/views/sliderBackground.png

reFocus by Jeroen (XBMC)
reFocus by El Massmann
reFocus by damon5334


  • fhbfhb Posts: 363Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited May 2011
    Making things optional is not to difficult, look into custom1_SkinSettings.xml to learn how to create settings. If you want to make something visible or invisible dependent on this setting add/edit:
    You might want to look into http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Skinning_XBMC. I guess english should stay the default language for settings as well. You can always localize ($LOCALIZE[12345] e.g.).

    I don't think that too many people are interested in a skin modified to your specific needs (especially regarding language). I might be wrong though :)
  • dawiincidawiinci Posts: 536Members ✭✭
    edited February 2011
    Thanks for the information.

    I just translated all inside the strings.xml. Maybe you can edit your message so no one gets confused. ;)

    I'm not sure which number I have to take. Can I start somewhere at 34000 or would this soon or late interfere with Plex?
  • jammyteajammytea Posts: 57Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Wow Dawiinci, thanks for taking up the baton. I'm too attached to the background images to use this as is (by the look of it), but I welcome some of your planned improvements and will probably cobble them into the version I use!
  • radarradar Posts: 520Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited February 2011
    Why so many different reFocus forks? Se.bastian spent huge time creating the grainy edition. It is not possible to merge requirements of yours in his reFocus?
  • dawiincidawiinci Posts: 536Members ✭✭
    edited February 2011
    radar wrote:

    Why so many different reFocus forks? Se.bastian spent huge time creating the grainy edition. It is not possible to merge requirements of yours in his reFocus?

    I made this version to get all the improvements I'd like to have inside. Just because I want to use Plex now without compromise and not update every day to get the things working. The grainy edition isn't what I want.

    Some of my improvements are very aggressive as they include removing parts of the skin that I think are unnecessary. Maybe someone has the same taste as I have and can happily use this skin. Of course some of the improvements can be added to the existing skins. I could as well just make this skin for my own without giving you access to it but I think this is the better way.

    Just try it - if you don't like it you can still use the other skins. (I release it as soon as most things are working.)

    [font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"]
    jammytea wrote:

    Wow Dawiinci, thanks for taking up the baton. I'm too attached to the background images to use this as is (by the look of it), but I welcome some of your planned improvements and will probably cobble them into the version I use!
    [font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"] [/font][font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"]If it's only because of the startup screens you can just restore these folders and the startup.xml from the original skin.

  • jammyteajammytea Posts: 57Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Radar - Just as Se.bastian took the decision to treat his as a separate skin - because he was making some aggressive changes to what might be considered "classic" refocus – Dawiinci is making some big changes here, so the two strands are getting further and further apart, and it doesn't make much sense to make one a variant of the other. Not to mention that the options screen would become a nightmare!
    Like he says, this is designed for personal use, shared just in case anyone else needs something similar, which is definitely the best approach. I have my own version of refocus, tweaked for my own needs, but it breaks far too many of the things I don't use for it really to be considered a workable skin.

    Dawiinci - No, it's the rotating landscape backgrounds that I like, with a few of my own added in, rather than the launch screen, but I look forward to trying yours out when you release it
  • dawiincidawiinci Posts: 536Members ✭✭
    edited February 2011
    Your custom fanarts are still included. You just have to choose your images. ouside of the skin. You will probably like the new look of the homescreen when using fanart backgrounds.

    As you see the list of fixed issues and glitches grows every day. I make progress to call it final soon.

    However I still have one minor issue I probably won't fix. This affects only the videoplugins. It still doesn't show the icons instead of text. All other views are already fixed.
  • freedom80freedom80 Posts: 82Members ✭✭
    dawiinci wrote:

    All other views are already fixed.

    Nice to hear that! So what's stopping you from releasing it?
  • freedom80freedom80 Posts: 82Members ✭✭
    One request. Is there any chance getting the original homescreen back?

    It's not that I don't like the "new" one and after reading through your list of fixes and modifications I think you are heading a very good direction with "your reFocus". But what I dislike with many skins is that you have to use at least three or four completely different views to get to your content. That is the reason why I use the original homescreen. It is pretty similar to the subselection screen. You could also consider designing a new view for this subselection that matches the new homescreen better?!
  • dawiincidawiinci Posts: 536Members ✭✭
    edited February 2011
    freedom80 wrote:

    Nice to hear that! So what's stopping you from releasing it?

    Because I release it as one Zip-file, I want to release a version that is mostly final (GitHub is not used by me). I will release updates if necessary but at the moment I have updates every day which makes it a bit annoying for most users. But I will finish it soon.

    freedom80 wrote:

    One request. Is there any chance getting the original homescreen back?

    I tried to deal with the views several times but it is very difficult to figure out how to change something. We don't have information about how to do it. Some parts in the skin are added from different persons so it is difficult to say how they depend on themselves. This is one reason why it is so difficult to change the view of the video plugin.

    But maybe you'll like the skin as it is.
  • dawiincidawiinci Posts: 536Members ✭✭
    edited February 2011
    reFocus Color Edition by dawiinci *RELEASED*

    I just released the final version of my skin. Feel free to test the new color backgrounds and the new views for video plugins. You can see all changes on the first page. If you can like the fixes you are welcome to use them for your own modification. If you want to you can take the skin and develop from this state.

    Comments and feedback is appreciated!
  • joesoesjoesoes Posts: 396Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited October 2011
    Nice to se that someone is picking up the development of my new favorite skin :)

    1. One thing i miss in Refocus Daemon is the feature to have IMDB ratings. Does this work in you´re skin?

    2. Would be nice if this skin was released in Preen for easer updates.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: The install does not seem to work for me. Any issues with Lion?

    Mac Pro, MBPr 15" 2013, Mac Mini 2010, iPhone 5, iPod Shuffle 3 gen

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