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Filter by duration

It seems there's not a way to set a filter (and therefore a smart playlist) by duration. It would be very useful not only in searching for certain length movies (time constraint ;D ), but also to define a smart playlist for shorts


  • CessquillCessquill Posts: 14 Plex Pass

    +1 for this. I have a load of Shorts that I'm looking to move into another library. Plus I sometimes choose based on length. You can sort by duration though

  • beckfieldbeckfield Posts: 3,375 Plex Pass

    As Cessquil said, you can sort by duration. Smart playlists take on the sort order you set as well as the filters, so you can create a smart playlist sorted by duration.

    You can also, once sorted by duration, select every movie within the duration limit you choose, and add the word "short" in the Genres, Collections, or Labels. You can now filter on that tag and create a smart playlist that only contains your short features.

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