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Controls don't disappear (again) on LG Smart TV

There's a repeating bug with controls not disappearing on LG Smart TV's.
Truth be told, this time the bug may be related to the firmware upgrade of the TV which might have update javascript framework as well.

Is it reported for current version? When it will be fixed?


Best Answer


  • stevieskistevieski Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same problem here on LG B6. It's a brand new TV, so I'm not sure if related to firmware. Anyway, the play pause controls don't disappear. They are there forever. Please can you fix.

  • mephiusmephius Posts: 2Members

    I switched to alternative plex client for my TV almost a year ago because of this problem. Now launched original app to see if the problem is still unresolved. It is. But your solutions works, thank you!

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