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Chromecast Audio

ottovonkoppottovonkopp Posts: 35Members ✭✭
edited November 2016 in Google Chromecast


Does Plex on CCA support Replay Gain (album and track gain) and Gapless playback from flac files?

If not, is it the CCA or Plex that don't support it?



  • GrunPlexGrunPlex Posts: 4Members

    No support for Gapless. However, if you have PLEX set up as a DLNA server you can use some third party Android apps to stream gapless music to Chromecast Audio. There is one app called Hi-Fi Cast that I have just started using and it works fairly well. Hopefully PLEX can follow their lead and figure out a way to stream gaplessly also. I really want a desktop app that accomplishes this.

  • ottovonkoppottovonkopp Posts: 35Members ✭✭

    Any news regarding RG and gapless?

    Smart Gain like Squeezebox and Bluesound have would be nice.


  • jorgevergarajorgevergara Posts: 1Members


    Is Chromecast Audio supported in Plex Media Player? I can see the little icon for cast by my Chromecast Audio does not appear listed there...

    Best Regards,

  • ottovonkoppottovonkopp Posts: 35Members ✭✭

    Hi again!

    Will it ever happen or can I stop dreaming and move on?


  • fecaleaglefecaleagle Posts: 171Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited March 8

    Yes, is there any news on this? Should we give up on ever expecting gapless audio playback to Chromecast? I love Chromecast Audio, but the fact that Plex cannot do gapless playback to Chromecast is terrible.

    Just rigged "smart speakers" out of a pair of 55-year old AR-4s (with a pair of CCAs and DTA-120s, each combo feeding a single channel), but the gaps are completely ruining the sheer joy of this setup for me.

  • ottovonkoppottovonkopp Posts: 35Members ✭✭

    Anything regarding CCA, Gapless and ReplayGain?

  • Dom CDom C Plex Employee Posts: 1,222Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee

    Nothing concrete to share on that I'm afraid, but we're now in a better place to use whatever ends up on other platforms.

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