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[Feature Request] RSS Feeds and/or Ignore Series

djh816djh816 Posts: 12Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Any chance we could get an RSS feed added for new Plex media additions? I realize I can see them in the "recently added" section on the Plex webui but having an RSS feed that I could monitor in my browser to alert me when a new episode is added to a family member's library of the specific shows I watch would be great. Also on this same subject I think an "ignore series" or similar button would be handy on remote libraries. There are some series that family watch that I personally just don't care about :) Any other thoughts or criticisms of the idea from Plex community are welcome but both of these would make my life a lot easier


  • AriZoNaiCeAriZoNaiCe Posts: 10Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited May 2017

    While you can't technically ignore a series in which you're not interested, I did have the idea that I wanted to automatically mark all episodes of certain shows as watched. I get annoyed having to deal with shows that family members watch that I don't care to see in my unwatched list...since that list is too large and it makes finding what I'm looking for more difficult.

    The workaround I found was to write a PowerShell script that allows me to mark as watched for show names that I provide to the script. I'm hoping this will help someone else as well.

    * You need to get your token, which you can do by choosing "Get Info" for any item in the library, followed by clicking the "View XML" link at the bottom of the Get Info dialog. Once there, your token will be in the URL at the top.
    * You'll need to fill in the $plexTVSection with the correct # that corresponds to the section in the library where you're looking to do this
    ^ http://localhost:32400/library/sections?X-Plex-Token=$userToken
    ^ Browse through the "Directory" objects returned and find the one where type="show", where you'll see an id inside the
    Location property. That id is the section you'll need to include in the $plexTVSection variable. For me it was 1.

    $plexBaseUrl = "http://localhost:32400"
    $userToken = "YourUserToken"
    $plexTVSection = "1"
    function Mark-VideoAsWatched()
        $plexGetUnwatchedShows = "$plexBaseUrl/library/sections/$plexTVSection/unwatched?X-Plex-Token=$userToken"
        $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $plexGetUnwatchedShows
        $unwatchedShows = [xml] $response.Content
        $directories = $unwatchedShows.MediaContainer
        foreach($unwatchedShow in $directories.Directory)
            If ($showsToIgnore.ToLower().Contains($unwatchedShow.title.ToLower())) {
                $totalUnwatached = [int]$unwatchedShow.leafCount - [int]$unwatchedShow.viewedLeafCount
                if ($totalUnwatached -gt 1) {
                    Write-Host Marked $totalUnwatached episodes of $unwatchedShow.title as watched
                    $markWatched = "$plexBaseUrl/:/scrobble?identifier=com.plexapp.plugins.library&key=" + $unwatchedShow.ratingKey + "&X-Plex-Token=$userToken"
                    $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $markWatched
  • mike2141mike2141 Posts: 72Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited January 20

    An RSS feed feature that would enable customers to automatically download podcasts to designated Plex folders would be most helpful. It would also need to include the ability to store credentials for sites that require them.

    Along with the requested PMS RSS feed feature, it would be helpful to include the ability to rename the file if necessary as some podcast shows don't number their episodes (####-{show name} or YYMMDAY-{show name}) properly and many do not tag their mp3 files so a means of updating ID3 tagging information in the file would be most helpful. Automation would be the goal. I won't say I waste, but I do spend time almost daily downloading episodes (via RSS), renaming when necessary, updating tagging data when necessary, and then copying to PMS folders. I'd be willing to turn my PlexPass into a PlexPass+ and pay another one-time fee essentially automate me out of this business.

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