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Photo Album Thumbnails Disappearing

trapperjohn2000trapperjohn2000 Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited November 2016 in Roku

Recent issue. On my Roku client only (not on web client), thumbnails for certain photo albums keep disappearing. This happens only with those thumbnails I've manually selected for a folder, not with those automatically generated by Plex. I've done the normal update/analyze from the server, but has no effect. Also changed to the Plex Pass app on the Roku, exact same issue with exact same folders. Very, very frustrating that something that worked just fine for months and months is now broken. Ideas, anyone?

UPDATE: My wife tells me she has the exact same issue with the exact same folder on her iPhone, so it's not just a Roku issue. Thoughts?


  • pmcuratorpmcurator Posts: 121Members ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017

    I've had this same issue on a recurring basis for the past couple of years. To recap, I'll manually select a photo to be the "poster" for a particular photo album, only to have PLEX eventually reset and clear my selection.

    The other curious thing about PLEX's behavior is that when I manually upload (select) a photo to serve as the poster for a photo album using the PLEX Web App interface, a thumbnail does not appear as it does in other PLEX libraries (see attached screen capture). This signals to me that PLEX isn't retaining the information, which potentially explains why it eventually gets cleared out/reset, presumably when PLEX undergoes some sort of background maintenance task.

    My request/questions are as follows:

    1. Posters and backgrounds for photo albums should work/behave the same way they do for movies and music; and

    2. What's the syntax for locally stored fan art to be used by PLEX photo albums? For music artists it's artist-poster.jpg and artist-background.jpg.

    In the following example, I just finished selecting a locally stored photo to be the "Poster" for a photo album named "People." Note that PLEX does not show or retain a thumbnail of the image like it does with other album types such as movies or music. This difference in behavior signals to me that this feature hasn't been fully implemented.

    NOTE: This question/thread has been market as answered, but has not been answered.

  • pmcuratorpmcurator Posts: 121Members ✭✭✭

    It's been ±18 days since I last posted to this thread. In that time, PLEX has again wiped out the posters and backgrounds that I'd set for my photo albums. But hey, if I pay for a PLEX pass (again), I can see my photos geotagged on a map!

    How about ensuring that basic functionality is stable before trying to extort money from users for features that they can already get elsewhere, for free?

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