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Reporting Plex for Kodi issues

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Requesting support

The primary way to get support for Plex for Kodi is via this forum. Please first search the forum to see if someone have already asked your question or it's in the Planned Features and Known Issues thread.

Feature requests

Should be added to this forum as well, as long as are not in the Planned Features and Known Issues thread. Tag them with feature request and we will have a discussion about it.

Issues can fall under 3 types:

  • Add-on specific
  • Kodi related
  • UI/UX

Since this is a brand new UI, there will be issues associated with that which will be reported upstream, as will Kodi issues. This sub-forum is primarily to handle issues related to the add-on specifically, but encourage anyone with problems to let us know.

Please see the UI/UX Discussion thread for posts related to UI/UX.

Technical issues / bugs

We have a open bug tracker for Plex for Kodi on github: https://github.com/plexinc/plex-for-kodi/issues/. If you have found a glitch or technical issue and know how to use github, find the logs you can file it there. Note that we will close any feature request or support requests filed there, please keep it to technical issues only.

Attached information

When requesting support or filing bugs, please provide the following information:
1. System: Android, Linux, Windows, OS X, etc
2. Kodi Version: v16, v17b5, v17b6, v17 Nightly, etc
3. Log File URL: See Getting Kodi Logs
4. Steps to reproduce

When the issue has to do with information from your Plex Media Server (such as streaming content, accessing item details, creating playlists, etc.), you should gather the "Plex Media Server.log" file covering the issue being reproduced and - attach that to your post.

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