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Track Count Off By 1 When Playing On iPhone 7 And Linked With Bluetooth In Car

GoorgeNdebeeGoorgeNdebee Posts: 19Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

In the last update to the PLEX app for iOS (about a week or 2 ago) I was happy to see some improvement in the ability for my Bluetooth in my 2014 Honda Civic and its ability to read the tagging for each song and display it properly. Previous to the update, it sometimes had trouble displaying the information of the song playing ... Happily, that has been greatly improved ...

Now, what I have noticed is that the track count is off by one when playing PLEX in my car. It always starts off at track 2 of XX ... very odd, and Im wondering if anyone else has notice this in their car?

Is this a PLEX thing? Is this a Bluetooth thing?, or perhaps this is a Honda interface integration thing?

Not a huge thing, considering all the other info now appears in the display, when before it did not, but none the less, it would be nice to start a playlist with Track 1 of XX :)

Has anyone else experienced this?

Many thanks to the PLEX team for all their continued hard work!


  • GoorgeNdebeeGoorgeNdebee Posts: 19Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    No one else has noticed this with the bluetooth in their car? The track count being off?

  • tsteele2013tsteele2013 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm having a similar issue as well in my 2012 Honda Civic when connected through USB, I haven't tried through bluetooth. My my situation is slightly more frustrating. My stereo will not play ANY track that is the last track in an album because of this numbering issue.

    The audio system says "Unsupported", and I have to unplug my phone from the USB, change the song, and then plug it back in to continue listening to any music (all while driving).

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