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How do I authorize my Sonos account?

StorylighterStorylighter Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I am trying to add Plex as a music service on Sonos, using my iOS Sonos controller app. As I go through the steps, I get to one that says "Please use the following code to authorize your account: XXXX" Instead of "XXXX" it gives me a unique code each time I try the setup. Presumably I am supposed to take the code and go to my Plex app or server and authorize my Sonos account to access my Plex server library. But I don't find any place to enter this code in Plex.

I am still relatively new to Plex and perhaps I am overlooking something obvious. Can someone please give me idiot-proof steps to authorize my Sonos account?

Plex Media Server Version is running on my Mac Pro with OSX 10.7.5.
Plex Web with Firefox 48.0.2
Sonos Controller for iPhone version 6.4.8
Sonos Play 5 firmware version 6.4.2

Thank you!

Best Answer


  • StorylighterStorylighter Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    This worked just great. It was the link I didn't have, wasn't finding. Thanks!

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