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PHT gives error for Shared Library - all else works perfectly

Hi guys, i am getting the following error in PHT - when opening files in shared library -"Please Check that this file exists and necessary drive is mounted". The user who shared me the library has no issues in playing any files. I have TS-451 Pro (QNAP NAS). Moreover i have no issues playing the very same files in Server App or on the plex.com/web interface. Only issue is with the file on PHT (PHT- i use Plex Client in HD Station). Kodi similarly cant open these files (via Plex XMBC plugin)
Performed the following items:
Had the user remove and re-share the content
Manually upgraded the Qnap Server app to Version
Removed and Reinstalled Plex Client in the HD Station.
I downloaded the logs (Attached) if if anyone can look through them (not sure what to do with them)

Originally posted under QNAP threat but saw similar inquiry go un-answered and was directed here w/ no solution - as such re-trying

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