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Xbox 360 - Never ending circle of doom

Septimus216Septimus216 Posts: 98Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited December 2016 in Xbox 360

Afternoon all!

I'm going to throw this Q at you guys first before I throw it into the Cloud Beta section of the forums. Recently (and it's hard to be sure when as the xbox 360 is at my mother-in-laws place and they're so devoid of technical knowledge I had to come around to plug it in) it's started doing the below (screenshot) when the app has loaded.

Tried the standard troubleshooting of deleting, reinstalling, logging into a different account etc etc but all I get is the never ending circle of doom on login. I've spent a few days swimming through various articles and even though none of them have quite the same issue I've tried a number of 'fixes'. I also am unable to find any settings other than 'Log out of user' & 'Enable logging'.

Bare in mind, I am running Plex Cloud Beta with Version so it could well be a Beta issue but I'd be interested to see if anyone else has seen similar previously or can point me in the direction of something.

Any thoughts and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also love to blame the awful quality of that photo on my phone but that's the literal quality of the TV they use. =/

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Best Answer


  • krishna.uofakrishna.uofa Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited January 2017

    I have same issue here too,

  • Septimus216Septimus216 Posts: 98Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @krishna.uofa said:
    I have same issue here too,

    Are you using beta as well?

    Remember. Once you've got a resolution. Please click 'Answered' so we know that the issue has been resolved for you.

  • Deja.VuDeja.Vu Posts: 135Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm on the Beta, removed the device from both servers, linked again but just keeps spinning.

    Linked to Beta issue I reckon. Try signing in with a different account completely, unauthorised to view the Cloud.
    Should work then. Not ideal, but a work around for now.

    PMS:AMD-FX8350 | 32GB RAM | Windows 10 | 12TB
  • myrandomstuffmyrandomstuff Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I am using the lifetime plex pass for plex cloud - I have added media to the server and tested it via my chromecast - when I open the app on my black xbox360 I get the permanent thinking circle

  • aladinzaladinz Posts: 2Members Plex Pass

    I am having the same issue too!!

  • anajamesanajames Posts: 30Members ✭✭

    I recently asked on another thread how to use plex on xbox 360 as a first timer. I got the responses. I need to ask when i download Plex should i go with Plex cloud directly or will have to have the BETA version first.

  • amsctalxamsctalx Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I just started using Plex for this use with the 360, but I can't get pas the "circle" after installation and nothing in this post helped. Is there a better place to seek help with this?

  • nachetexnachetex Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same issue here. Never ending spinning circle. Tried everything . Any solution???

  • 00Daddio00Daddio Posts: 5Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    OK I have searched long enough for an answer to this and still no kind of answer from anyone. Although the XBox 360 is an outdated gaming system it would be great to be able to continue to use it for plex.

  • HomeTheatreGuyHomeTheatreGuy Posts: 15Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Does anyone from Plex actually answer support questions?

  • R3velR3vel Posts: 6Members Plex Pass

    I suspect that the app is being blocked by the router.

    So even though the app has installed ok on the Xbox, when the Xbox tries to communicate with the server, it is being denied.

    I am having issues with the never ending circle, so still looking for a solution.

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