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DropFolders work on Windows 10? Or an alternative?

I've recently been looking into a way of automating handbrake so when I have a download that finishes it will automatically run to change mkv's to mp4 as I've heard it would save a lot of storage space but retain the HD quality.

I came across a program called DropFolders but it seems it's a few years old and is no longer updated. does anyone know if this works on Windows 10 and if so how you install it? It doesn't come with a executable.

If not do you know of any alternatives that can achieve what I want?

Thanks all


  • ATEglauerATEglauer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

    I just came across "Watchfolder for Handbrake" ... haven't tried it, but it's supposed to do what you're asking for. I, too, was looking at DropFolders, but ran into the same issues you have.

  • charlascharlas Members, Plex Pass, TunerTester Posts: 265 Plex Pass

    Yobest bet if you want to save space, and most of your clients are reletavly new is to code them accross to X265/HEVC. An X264 MKV and a H264 MP4 will be practically the same size as MKV is a Container Format, so the 'video file' inside the MKV is actually an MP4 anyhow.

    If you want to transcode accross to HEVC though I use a script to do it. https://github.com/FallingSnow/h265ize and use a Powershell script to rip through all my media folders every night and encode whats new

    So EncodeVideo.ps1 looks like

    cd Media\Video\
    Get-ChildItem | where {$
    .PsIsContainer} | foreach {cd $_.name;x265;cd ..}

    And my x265.cmd file (that the above calls and is in the same folder as the latest version of FFMpeg which is in my path) Looks like

    h265ize -v -m medium -q 18 -x --delete --stats

    Then just need a Scheduled task to kick it all off (after your downloads finish so whatever time that usually happens) that runs
    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File l:\CompressVideo.ps1 -skipadmincheck

    That's what I do anyhow, I get a 2/3rds to 1 level of compression.

    Obviously mix and match the -m medium -q 18 ** depending on what your compressing, that's good for 720/1080 without any noticable detail loss, but for 4k stuff your probably better off with **q 20 or so as it would give you better compression. Your welcome to use Quantisation, Quality, whatever you think best with your media / hardware.

    For an idea (now I've done all of my media) I've got a Dual Xeon E5 2687Wv2 with 128gb ram, and compression runs at around 40fps (with the process excluded from some of the cores so that theres cores to do other stuff like Plex transcodes etc)
    But your hardware may be different, also some versions of FFMPeg allow for using NVidia / ATI / Intel encoders etc, they tend to be a lot faster, but worse quality when I last played with them.

    http://www.nakedcleaner.com - My Blog

    Last thing on.....

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