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Bug: Plex remote to Apple TV 3rd gen. Now sens in mirror mode rather than full screen

MielfrMielfr Posts: 2Members

By default the AirPlay function to send the content through the app on TV does not stream content in full screen but as the "phone" vertical view without possibility to change. When trying to reverse and get back to menu screen, Apple TV just does not recognise the content.
Only fix is to try all over again and usually works on second or third try....


  • ChristophorusChristophorus Posts: 200Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I belive you're being thrown by a change in iOS 10. Bring up the control centre, then go to the secon screen. At the bottom you'll see an option to work as a second screen rather than mirror.

    Apologies if I've misread your query.

  • BastardSheepBastardSheep Posts: 287Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    This forum is about the Plex application which is only available on ATV4 and later. For ATV3 or earlier with third party clients or airplaying from non-ATV clients, please use other appropriate forums for that client and device.

  • MielfrMielfr Posts: 2Members

    sorry but Plex application does not only work for ATV4, as app is also made for iOs users (not only TVOS users). this pb has been almost fixed by PLex but you still need to relaunch the stream once it starts on mirror mode (still annoying but at least it works... maybe fixed through future updates?)

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