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Undefined error -2140536828 on PS4 after update to



  • hajduarpadhajduarpad Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same here. Subtitle is mandatory because of the rest of the family.

  • arc759arc759 Posts: 1Members

    i cant get videos to play on the ps4 no matter what fix or setting i click. really annoying not to be able to use the app.

  • DENIS HOMEDENIS HOME Posts: 24Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited December 2017

    Hi, i recently installed the app on my PS4 to check your problem. I confirm i have no problem for playback since i turn OFF the subs (SRT), but the issue comes everytime i turn ON the subtitles. The issue is also happening by playing files with SRT subs ON via PLEX CLOUD.....FYI, all my subs are SRT only. Hope that will help. Plex app is 3.13.7, PS4 firmware is: 5.03.

    Synology DS214PLAY + NEXUS PLAYER with PLEX = Mega fun on my Plasma Pionner Kuro PDP-LX5090H

  • Same problem with mine PS4 (Plex app 3.13.7), PMS 1.10.452 running on Ubuntu x64. Everything is working fine till You enable subtitles. I`ve even tried to revert PMS to older verions starting from 1.9.0 but nothing help.

  • dennis.ayaladennis.ayala Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @AlexanderPlexServer said:
    There is still no fix for this problem even after all the 'updates' Plex has issues for their software. It's just the PS4 that can't run subtitles, every other platform seems alright. Why is this so hard for Plex to fix? This problem has been going for MONTHS and they have yet to patch it. Really am seeing less and less reason to keep paying them if they can't get their own program to work right for their customers.

    Is anyone from Plex even reading these posts???

    It is also happening to me but only with other Plex users, not my main Plex account user. If I turn off the subtitles, it works fine. If I use my main Plex account on any PS4, it also works fine (even transcoding).


  • psychowoodpsychowood Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    My solution was getting a Fire TV Stick: it will repay itself in a year or three in the energy bill with the saved electricity :)

  • DraikanDraikan Posts: 1Members

    Are we seeing a light at the end of the tunnel to this subtitle on PS4 (and PS3) problem?

  • PiotrUPiotrU Posts: 1Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I started to have this problem today. It wasn't an issue for me when I had Plex server on my PC.
    Yesterday I installed Plex server on brand new Synology 918+ and got on my Playstation info about error. Only when I played movie with subtitles. The same issue I have in my Ipad. I can watch movies with subtitles on my PC (Plex server is on NAS).
    It is very disappointing.

    Tomorrow I will install another Plex server back on PC and check if the problem still exist.

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