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Audio not syncing, Seasons going missing, other wierdness

TheMasterTurtleTheMasterTurtle Posts: 4Members ✭✭

So I need to being this by saying I ran Plex on my 360 for nearly a year without any issues.These last few weeks have been trying because I cannot seem to figure out what happened or when the problems actually began.

These problems don't seem to have any rhyme or reason which is why I am seeking help here. It also is selective and I can't figure out a pattern. Not all files are affected and most the files that are now affected previously played seamlessly.

Issue 1: Audio not syncing up. Although this has happened with 3 shows now, 1 of the three shows never gave me any issues. Each episode is 22 minutes long or so, ran like a dream the first time I watched them all. If I play them now the video starts the there is a 5 second or so delay or jump in the audio. Again, these played fine a couple weeks ago but now EVERY episode of this show does it. All other files I've tried immediately before or after playing this show, both shows and movies, play just fine.

Issue 2: Seasons going missing. Yet again I have to clarify, the seasons that have now gone missing from the show menu were previously displayed before. I can access the episodes if I go an indirect route however when I go to a show, look at the seasons, I now have missing seasons. This has happened with 2 shows that I know of and it doesnt make any sense. I didnt change the file names, locations, etc. They just disappeared.

Issue 3: Connection failure - this one I think is because of a bad ethernet cable but it connects and disconnect frequently from XBOX live. It wont do it every day, but when it does it, it disconnects and I reconnect it about 5 -10 times in a row before it plays. Other days I can go a whole day without it disconnecting once.

ALL these issues are on the XBOX only - my PS3 and the internet browser work just fine.

Literally any help would be appreciated.

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