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Grainy Without The Grain

SoulSoul Members, Plex Pass Posts: 274 Plex Pass
Is this easy to do?
I love reFocus. Been using it for ages. Then I find Grainy which is pretty much perfect....

However I'm just not a big fan of the grain effect in the background ;)

Is it easy to replace that with the original reFocus background, or remove it completely or something?



  • se.bastianse.bastian Plex Employee Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 487 Plex Employee
    Not really, no. You might try and replace the "background.png" file in the "media/backgrounds" folder in the skin, with the original one from the reFocus skin to get it just blue, but the transparency and other stuff are just not the same, and it just doesn't look good to me. Everything has been built to work nicely with the grainy background, and so, it's not meant to be just "reFocus with more/other features".
  • jammyteajammytea Members, Plex Pass Posts: 57 Plex Pass
    Must admit, I use Grainy without the background (sorry Sebastian!)... as he says, by renaming the background.png.
    This allows your fanart and slideshows to show through really nicely, at the expense of text legibility whenever the background is white or light. Suits me though
  • SoulSoul Members, Plex Pass Posts: 274 Plex Pass
    Totally appreciate that se.bastian, and I mean no disrespect to the skin in any way. I love the layout and colours and it's the best skin I've used across Plex and XMBC, I guess I just want the fanart to be clear.

    I'll try jammytea's suggestion and see what I end up with. Might end up back with the grain ;)
  • SoulSoul Members, Plex Pass Posts: 274 Plex Pass
    I just replaced background.png with background2_plex.png and think it looks great :) It's still dark so the menus show through etc, but no grain.

    Loving it so far ;)
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