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No InputObject for InputDirectoryObject

Sophos84Sophos84 Posts: 24Members ✭✭

iam create an InputDirectoryObject for user inputs in my Plugin, but they don't show an input field. I have a route for the callback, but they don't called. Hers my minimized code:

@handler(prefix, name, icon, art) def Main(): Log.Info('makeView: passed') oc = ObjectContainer() oc.add(InputDirectoryObject(key=Callback(addURL), title='This is a InputDicrectoryObject', summary='Click here to add Text', prompt='Enter the Url where to find the Recommendations')) return oc

@route(prefix + '/addURL') def addURL(query): test = query Log.Info('addLink: message' + test) return ObjectContainer(header='Added', message='Added: ' + test)

The Log info from the Main method is write in the logs, but don't the Log info for the addURL Method. What am I doing wrong? Any Ideas?

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  • Sophos84Sophos84 Posts: 24Members ✭✭

    Thanks for the answer, thats very sadly :(. Have you a list of supported devices?

    Theres another way to make it possible that a user can deposit an input in form of text?

  • dane22dane22 Posts: 10,839Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    No list sadly, and don't know any other way sadly.

    Bare in mind here, that what you are trying to do, is not what the framework is intended for!


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  • shopgirl284shopgirl284 Posts: 2,835Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, Forum Moderator Plex Ninja

    I use the InputDirectoryObject() and SearchDirectoryObject() in a few channels.

    InputDirectoryObject() and SearchDirectoryObject() are only supported on the Plex player app for Roku and Andriod.

    InputDirectoryObject() and SearchDirectoryObject() also work for Plex Web, but there are some limitations with Plex Web. Plex Web will only recognize the first input option in a directory, so if you use multiple input object in one directory, Plex Web will only recognize the first one. And user must blindly know to use the Search Dialog box at the top of the screen for input. But it will show that directory as an option in the drop down menu that appears when you enter data in that Search Box at the top of the screen while in that directory.

    And no Plex player apps currently support the Global Search for channels (inclusion of any results from a Search Service into the overall search results for a Plex player app). This cannot be addressed by the individual Plex player app developers. The data they pull is managed by Plex Media Server and separated into the various sections and it does not include a section for channel results, so the PMS developers would need to address this first.

    I have added issues to all of the various Plex player apps issue list hoping it will be addressed. But I was told that this is "just not a priority for Plex right now," which really bothers me. And they wonder why Plex channel developers do not stick around.

    The Roku app developer is one of the few that works very hard to make sure Plex channels and the Framework are supported. I suggest that everyone use the Roku app if they care to use Plex channels.

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