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PhotoObject not displaying in Web interface but is in Plex Media Player?

cncbcncb Posts: 160Members ✭✭

My channel creates PhotoObjects as below (modified a video example I found on this forum). It shows the photo thumbnails fine, but when I click on one to view it full screen in the Web interface, all I get is a blank screen. When I select it in Plex Media Player it begins a slideshow and shows the photos as expected. It also works in the Plex Windows 10 app. Any idea what the Web interface is expecting different than the other apps? Maybe a minimum set of attributes for the photo?

def CreatePhotoObject(url, title, summary, originally_available_at, thumb, include_container=False):
photo_obj = PhotoObject(
    key = Callback(CreatePhotoObject, url=url, title=title, summary=summary, originally_available_at=originally_available_at, thumb=thumb, include_container=True),
    rating_key = url,
    title = title,
    summary = summary,
    originally_available_at = originally_available_at,
    thumb = Resource.ContentsOfURLWithFallback(url=url),
    items = [
            parts = [

if include_container:
    return ObjectContainer(objects=[photo_obj])
    return photo_obj

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