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Plexconnect to tell Asustore

Prompt who can both run this **** plexconnect not want to work all did as the article states. generate separate certificates for the certificate asustore added to apple tv via usb cable then I run cmd PlexConnect.py through all vrodeby perehazhu works to drive a console ip dns server, click on the trailer gives that is not available here and so constantly pereprobyval already all but the most funny perenashu Rania certificate creation on the pC run plexconnect **** everything works normally open trailers plex media works !!! So what mozhit be a problem please tell me who knows stalkivolsya with this?

12:34:14 PlexConnect: ***
12:34:14 PlexConnect: PlexConnect
12:34:14 PlexConnect: Press CTRL-C to shut down.
12:34:14 PlexConnect: ***
12:34:14 PlexConnect: started: 12:34:14
12:34:14 PlexConnect: Version: 0.5-dev-110616
12:34:14 PlexConnect: Python: 2.7.10 (default, Aug 19 2015, 09:18:54)
[GCC 4.6.3]
12:34:14 PlexConnect: Host OS: linux2
12:34:14 PlexConnect: PILBackgrounds: Is PIL installed? False
12:34:14 PlexConnect: IP_self:
12:34:14 DNSServer: started: 12:34:14
12:34:14 DNSServer: ***
12:34:14 DNSServer: DNSServer: Serving DNS on port 53.
12:34:14 DNSServer: intercept: ['trailers.apple.com'] =>
12:34:14 DNSServer: restrain: ['mesu.apple.com', 'appldnld.apple.com', 'appldnld .apple.com.edgesuite.net'] =>
12:34:14 DNSServer: forward other to higher level DNS:
12:34:14 DNSServer: ***
12:34:14 WebServer: started: 12:34:14
12:34:14 WebServer: ***
12:34:14 WebServer: WebServer: Serving HTTP on port 10000.
12:34:14 WebServer: ***
12:34:14 WebServer: started: 12:34:14
12:34:14 WebServer: ***
12:34:14 WebServer: WebServer: Serving HTTPS on port 10001.
12:34:14 WebServer: ***
12:34:54 DNSServer: DNS request received!
12:34:54 DNSServer: Source: ('', 56713)
12:34:54 DNSServer: Domain: apple.com
12:34:54 DNSServer: ***forward request
12:34:54 DNSServer: -> DNS response from higher level
12:35:04 DNSServer: DNS request received!
12:35:04 DNSServer: Source: ('', 50490)
12:35:04 DNSServer: Domain: p7-buy.itunes.apple.com
12:35:04 DNSServer: ***forward request
12:35:04 DNSServer: -> DNS response from higher level
12:35:07 DNSServer: DNS request received!
12:35:07 DNSServer: Source: ('', 56183)
12:35:07 DNSServer: Domain: trailers.apple.com
12:35:07 DNSServer: ***intercept request
12:35:07 DNSServer: -> DNS response:

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