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Audio sync issues with plex media player

michaelc117michaelc117 Members Posts: 1

While playing a movie with plex media player, the audio starts synced, and then slowly drifted behind the video.
Exiting the video and restarting it where I left off can fix the sync, but it continues to drift.

I gave up using the media player and used the web player, which seems to have no issues on the same windows 10 computer.
(*I don't see this problem on my windows 8.1 PC (media player or web player)

Info about the media: Using direct play or 2Mbps transcode
No lag/delay while playing, but the audio was stuttering a bit on my second attempt.


Video Resolution SD
Duration 1:33:44
Bitrate 2644 kbps
Width 720
Height 328
Aspect Ratio 1.78
Container MKV
Video Frame Rate NTSC
Video Profile simple


Duration 1:33:44
Size 1.73 GB
Container MKV
Indexes sd
Video Profile simple

Codec MPEG4
Bitrate 2452 kbps
Anamorphic 1
Bit Depth 8
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Frame Rate 30 fps
Height 328
Level 0.3
Pixel Aspect Ratio 115:142
Profile simple
Ref Frames 1
Width 720

Codec AC3
Channels Stereo
Bitrate 192 kbps
Audio Channel Layout stereo
Sampling Rate 44100 Hz

Any ideas? Is this common?



  • geekaz01dgeekaz01d Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2 Plex Pass

    I have the same issue with the newer app although in Plex Home Theater I had the option to adjust my audio sync which I used regularly.

  • ibolskiibolski Members Posts: 9 ✭✭

    I've noticed that I only get this issue if I attempt to watch it locally via the Plex interface and it only occurs under Windows. If I boot into Linux, it works just fine. This is either through the web browser or the Plex app on Windows. Under Linux, via Chrome or the Chrome app, no audio lag what-so-ever.

  • vlangvlang Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 1,488 Plex Employee

    Please also say whether you get a static A/V delay, or a drift.

    Static A/V delays can not always be fixed, but can be adjusted with Alt+a and Alt+shift+a (can also be mapped to remote buttons, I'm hoping we can streamline this later).

    A drift would be a rather bad bug. We've received some reports of this, but I've never been able to pin it down to a component. Does making a small seek also fix the drift temporarily, or is exiting the video always required?

    @ibolski do I get this right wrt. audio sync:

    • On Windows:

      • PMP: bad
      • Plex Windows store app (not sure if you were talking about this): bad
      • Web browser (with plex.tv in it): bad
      • Other software: good
    • On Linux

      • everything good
  • Paul-APaul-A Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    Hi, I am suffering the same using the PMP on a Windows 10 PC. The audio drifts, clicking pause / unpause immediately syncs the audio back.

  • vlangvlang Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 1,488 Plex Employee

    Maybe time for some experiments. Try one of the following:

    • Switch PMP to native GL in the PMP fullscreen settings and restart/retry (may cause other weird behavior in fullscreen)
    • Try these files: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ct9ej6 Copy the files into the PMP installation dir. They should replace the existing files there. Disable native GL in the PMP fullscreen settings and restart PMP. (sha1sum of the entire zip file: 0d11faa03d5e6f8d7182e0f03fa77bc7131456d2. Use on your own risk.)
  • Paul-APaul-A Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    Hi, I tried both, first PMP to native GL which made no difference, then updated the DLL's and that appears to be working! :smile: Will keep you updated to see if it drifts again! Thanks for the very quick response and hopefully resolution!!

  • Paul-APaul-A Members, Plex Pass Posts: 10 Plex Pass

    Sad to report that although there is definitely less drift than previously it did go out of sync after about 35 minutes as opposed to every 10 / 15 minutes before.

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