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Unable to play songs in Sonos

I configured remote access for plex server. I configured plex in my sonos app. I am able to browse the plex library. If i open a album i can't see a album logo. I'm unable to play a song. The application shows me unable to find/connection to plex not possible.


  • HampstaaHampstaa Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Hi there!
    Nothing helpful from my site, sorry.
    I got the look a like problem with ma plex server on Synology RS814.
    But i got some inputs which may help the plex team to spot the problem.
    I can Access the Tracks and listen it if i login to the NAS with PLEX.
    I can also listen the Tracks if i login only with Sonos on the NAS Directory.
    I tried to play the song directly with the player app and i tried to play it with using the WindowsPC as second server with the playlist of the NAS Directory.
    Finding: It cannot be a transcoding or compatibility problem from the systems, wire, or nasweakness
    I can see the files with the plexapp implemented in sonos, but i cannot open them. Always the same message as reported from user:aschmocker is popping up.
    I cleaned up as much as sonos weak app let do, collect a handful of songs and linked them...the problem is not a cache problem or because there are too much songs and it looks also, that it is not a problem of the path deep. Because it is not one song played...its also not a filename problem.
    The SONOSApp also not let the path of the server change manually and as i kicked off one of them as a server, the SONOS App showed the name of the still active server but the path displayed was the one of the rejected.(PC+NAS are diffrent named, i had the same account/username and both linked to SONOS with PLEX).
    My problem is, that in both, PLEX and SONOS are not enough playlist import and export options!
    I do not need the full library. Only the playlist linked Stuff and or full discs.
    In Sonos is the library size to small to manage the NAS, in PLEX i cannot access the SONOS, in SONOS i cannot play PLEX and in both i cannot import or export the playlist to the other App.
    Thats a f***ing 100% imcompatibility! :-)Respect!
    SONOS should be implemented in PLEX and PLEX in SONOS.
    Both should give more options to import and export content, lists, paths, more detailed expert menus and download options.

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