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4 Suggestions for Sonos/Plex

wwwizzarrdrywwwizzarrdry Posts: 302Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited January 2017 in Sonos

[First off, great work on the Plex Beta so far.]

Our digital lives are severely hampered while living in Saudi Arabia. The vast majority of Sonos music services are blocked here. Spotify, Google Music, Pandora, Tidal, etc, etc do not appear in the available services section, which is where Plex comes to the rescue!

Please keep up the hard work making further improvements to music discovery, playback features and ease of use.

Here are 4 suggestions to improve the Sonos/Plex experience that I would love some feedback on:

1) Plex Mixes

Starting a Plex Mix should be quicker and easier. After continued use, my family has consistently informed me that it should be easier/more intuitive to start a Plex Mix from the Sonos controller.

Preferred method:

  • A) Start Plex Mix needs to be a top level option.
  • B) After choosing to Start a Plex Mix, it should then ask you to pick either an artist, or allow the user to drill-down to a specific song to queue the mix. (If choosing an Artist, Plex should randomly pick a song by the artist to queue the mix).
  • C) All recent Plex Mixes should be stored so users can quickly access them. Maybe the Discover section needs to be updated to include recent mixes.

2) Better Shuffling Options

We need to be able to shuffle an artist's entire discography, not just individual albums. Currently you have to choose a specific album and then shuffle it. But when Bob Dylan has 40+ albums, this is a nightmare of choice when you just want all the Dylanz

It would be a beautiful thing if you could add "Start a Plex Mix" option to every song that is currently playing without resetting the current track...

3) More Favorites

Allow adding anything and everything to the Sonos Favorites section. Whether it be a specific artist, album, Plex Mix, etc. If it's visible on the controller, we should be able to favorite it.

4) Local Playback

*[Update: A recent update from another thread made it sound like Plex doesn't know when Sonos is playing-back music? Which is why Plex server doesn't show now-playing notifications, which probably means this request is moot.]

Plex server already knows when Sonos is playing/queueing music. So why not enable synchronized local playback of the same tracks on the rest of the Plex connected devices? This would allow the user to utilize their other plex-connected speakers in conjunction with Sonos without needing a Connect or Playbar. ( I.E. my main Plex server runs on a box connected to my home theater run on a Bose ecosystem with a black-box style, all in one receiver. When my server begins playing a Sonos playlist, it would be excellent if I could enable local playback on those speakers as well). Of course, a Plex pkayer would need to be open on that device but that's easy enough. And an audio delay slider would be required in Plex to fine-tune the inevitable sync/delay issues that would be present.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

CentOS 7: BTRFS in RAID10 (24TB)
i7 4790K and 16GB RAM w/ GTX 760


  • NekkoStreamNekkoStream Posts: 77Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I agree. Those are all great features that need to be added.
    Would also be nice to search by genre.

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